Video Windows

Proud RECIPIENT of the Adex Award 

Evidence Based Design (EBD) is an approach to healthcare to improve patient and staff well being, healing and stress reduction. EBD suggests familiar, soothing, and realistic art does the best job of promoting feelings of well-being and optimism.

Our research suggests that the presence of a Video Window playing relaxes the watcher by providing a beautiful series of images with sounds to match - either the natural sounds, such as the sound of waves on a beach; or music selected to compliment.

While designed for critically ill patients, Video Windows help in other moments as well - during a stressful business meeting it seems to help participants focus and reduces aggressive behavior which can help produce more productive business results.

They have also been seen to reliably draw children in to the quiet imagery and soothing sounds.

  • Video Windows are focused on environments that are familiar to draw the viewer in
  • They are filmed in HD video clips and edited into 45 minute to 1 hour loops
  • Subtly balance the fact of an illness with the need to mentally escape

"Storm Over Taos Mountain"

"White Rock Rowing Club"

"Arboretum Spring"

"Evening Dallas"