The initial process begins with communication.  Listening to the needs of the client and how that creates the message that will be conveyed through artwork. Art Dallas professional art consulting team members  work to get the right feel for a project's final message and what it says about corporate, hospitality, healthcare or residential space. 

Impeccable eye for planning and design is combined with knowledge of project management to best meet client needs . From initial planning to final details, each project is outlined through Art Dallas’s project management system, streamlining the process and enhancing the client experience.

Art Dallas believes that the pathway to excellence in art consulting is through carefully listening to the client and integrating their wishes and values into the design process so that the ultimate product reflects the client’s perspective and personality.


Cultivating floor plans and/or  elevations continues the process.  Art Dallas believes a visual of how traffic flows through various locations is important in determining genres, sizes, placements and a budget.

Art Dallas art consultants do detailed research concerning the location of the project and make a list of potential artists that would best fit each space. 

Clients will be provided with a spreadsheet broken down with the proposed budget per piece to put everything into perspective, 


Art Dallas maintains a large inventory in the gallery, including original art, prints, and sculpture. Art Dallas maintain relationships with many art publishers. Clients also have access to the Art Dallas  local, national and even international affiliated artists to produce commissioned pieces.

Art Dallas has also led the way in using a variety of "local to a project" archives to provide regional imagery appropriate to a project - printed in house at Art Dallas it can provide custom imagery on a budget.

Selections narrowed

Art Dallas is mindful to present art and artists that are budget appropriate. The  artwork is separated into categories such as lobby, corridors, waiting areas, break rooms, etc.  We continue to communicate and incorporate feedback - and once we have a good feel for what the client loves - we can find tune the selected work. 


Final selections are made and final mock ups approved.  Raw materials for printing and framing are acquired, printing and custom framing begin.  Shipping and installation quotes are finalized and approved. 

Shipping and Installation

All art is inventoried and labeled for installation location. Art is packed, and custom crates are built where required.  Art Dallas Installation team delivers and carefully installs each piece.Art Dallas projects are completed with a final walk through and approval.