Custom Statement Ceiling

PROJECT: Multi Family living

LOCATION:  Austin tx   

Every designer knows that the fifth wall is a key element in a design scheme. This project complements the walls in this living community in Austin Texas .

Art Dallas brought in fresh color and new graphics with some new Artwork! We love the bold statements surrounded by color. Playing with patterns and colors will be an unexpected, and eye-catching addition to your day-to-day seating areas. 

Art Dallas Inc Digital Creators have lead several development projects. The AD team is interested in creating a culture within each development. Our lifestyle branding skills come through in application while cultivating each client’s art vision. Fostering relationships has been Art Dallas's main priority. We make each and every project artful.  

This gorgeous arrangement hangs in an upscale living community in Austin Texas. There is no need for GPS when your sitting under a scaled map of Austin. The Art Dallas Design Team carefully scaped the city of Austin and crated a colorful map for this spaces fifth wall. Each colored block in a special district in the active city in Austin. The map was created to represent true north, south, east and west. The rover runs through the map as it does the city. The residents at this living community will never be lost when enjoying their beautiful common area.