Your Mom Loves Art

Mother's Day, May 12, is the time to show the women in your life how much you really care. Rather than settling on yet another basic gift, kick it up a notch with creative décor ideas for a Mother's Day celebration to remember. We  are feeling the motherly love! Hearts and Flowers are beautiful gifts but artwork lasts a lifetime. Works of art from the Art Dallas Gallery are a beautiful way to show lasting love in a gift this year. We invite you in this week to find the perfect Mothers Day for your love! 

40 x40



Every space can benefit from a bouquet! But there is definitely no wrong form to find florals in your space. Art Dallas has the ability to create works on any sub-strait.

Canvas provides an elegant and stylish look and feel that has withstood the test of time. In keeping with that tradition, Art Dallas  provides printing and stretching canvas services that will add to the ambiance and style of your project. Art Dallas has a full gallery of original works of art! 


Black and White prints

Share your love with mom in an artsy way with a large photo featuring the beautiful guy or girl you love so much! Put your private works on display in a large form!  We know that you melt when you see that smile and Art Dallas can make your favorite photo stand out in a big way!  That dreamy photo can resonate as a focal point in your space! 

Art Dallas started large format printing in 1993 - refining the hardware, software, media and inks for its digital printing process  to the point it's now an integral part of our core business. We now have a flexibility that's unequaled - we can provide creative design solutions ranging from prints on traditional papers, canvas, murals and wallpaper, as well as alternatives such as aluminum, acrylic, wood and more.

We all have old photography sitting around our homes or offices that we love but the piece its self is out dated. The Art Dallas Graphic Design Team is the perfect solution to making the well loved into something fresh and fun. We will scan the original and then work our artful magic to create something that fits any style.

Picture 2.png

Antique Mirror

Antique mirror gives the perfect flashback to a modern space. Mixed patterns and materials give a layered depth to the senses. Allowing you to turn inward while still experiencing its fine art feel.  Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. 

Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. It offers a range of applications from framed wall mirrors, walls, backslashes, furniture inserts - it's limited only by your design imagination. 

  • Fully customizable (can be made lighter or darker)

  • Able to match finish to light switch covers and outlet covers

  • Thicknesses of: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and also 3/4" & 1" round table toppers

  • Quicker turnaround times

  • FedEx Ground shipping on most jobs

  • Better depth of finish and very unique look

  • Can be done on restoration glass and architectural glass
    & More....

60 x54

60 x 60

Original Art

Just like your love for your mom there is nothing like an original artwork. Sharing in finding the perfect piece for your space is a romantic  and beautiful way to make a memory! The Art Dallas Show room has large and small works to fit any space! We are open 8:00 am to 5:30pm Monday Through Friday and we can't wait to help you find something beautiful for your space! 

The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring both oil and acrylic on canvas and paper, photography, giclée, watercolor, collage, etchings, art boxes, and sculpture.  Subject and style vary greatly but the emphasis is on contemporary art.

If something specific is needed for a particular project, we often work with our artists and commission work as well.


Frame Something Special 

Every one has something special that means the world to them. A shadow box is the perfect framing option to make it artwork! Whether it's the record you shared your first dance to or tickets to your first concert! Making a memory stand out with Art Dallas framing is a wonderful way to say I love you!  

The Art Dallas frame shop is known for its selection of moldings, creative use of materials, and professional results .The frame shop has over 6,000 frames to choose from. Each design project whether large or small can be beautifully framed. 

  • Commercial Framing

  • Residential Framing

  • Custom Framing 

  • Small Framing

  • Large Framing