Warm Up a Room With Artwork

Warm design should not be reserved to just the den or library, All living space can be  warmed by artwork. Art Dallas Artwork has all the elements of warmth and comfort this season. 

Warm Tones in Artwork 

It's common to think of color when first designing a warm space.... Ant there is a good reason why, Warm hues like gold and chestnut create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. 

The Gallery is a showroom in the Dallas Design District. It showcases our extensive collection of original art and sculpture as well as our own Art Dallas products such as Flash, Antique Mirror, and our aluminum, copper, and canvas prints and murals.


Layered Framing

One is not the loneliest number. Combining frames is the perfect way to create a custom look to house your artwork. 

The Art Dallas frame shop is known for its selection of moldings, creative use of materials, and professional results.The frame shop has over 6,000 frames to choose from. Each design project whether large or small can be beautifully framed. 

  • Commercial Framing
  • Residential Framing
  • Custom Framing 
  • Small Framing
  • Large Framing 



Leather Framing 

Leather Wrapped frames are big and beautiful way to make a statement. And that statement is bold and powerful beauty

This process is careful and well planned. The Art Dallas Inc. Framers pay special attention to detail when creating custom works such as close corners and hand wrapping leather frames.

Leaving no room for error the framer measures, and cuts the leather to match a corner sample of the frame to be wrapped. He then carefully folds the organically tinted leather to wrap the frame. Hand wrapping a frame is an artisan process. We won’t give away the technique but you can find more examples of art dallas work in our showroom.


Layering Art and Mirror 

Art over mirror or should we say Art over Art. This wall is one large multifaceted work of art! This eye catching installation is a simple solution to creating a focal point with artwork. Art Dallas art consultant's  ability to transform hospitality, corporate, and healthcare interiors by layering color, shape and texture has earned the respect of elite clientele.


Mix Metals 

A metallic touch lends the lap of luxury. The sheen of art printed on this copper surface creates depth found in no other type of media. Art Dallas Artists  have also created original acrylic work on metal. This hint at the  industrial age is what makes metals so trendy! 

Metals are a great lightweight alternative to art print. Aluminum is the lightest of our artwork solutions and allows for a sleek and ultra-modern look and feel. Art Dallas prints custom images directly on the metals allowing the aluminum to shine through your image. metals can be installed with standoffs or framed.

Photo from Elledecor.com

Photo from Elledecor.com

Warm Photography 

Art print is a cost effective way to display some warm tones in your space. Landscapes with pops of color are perfect look outdoors from inside. Fresh fall photos even in small doses can transform any space. Art Dallas has a beautiful photography collection printable at any size on many art media.