The best substrate for the perfectly printed space.

If you’ve made a commitment to artwork in your space, there’s plenty to learn before sealing the deal. From basic utility to all things aesthetic, art plays a great role in the look and feel of a space. There are many different substrates and types of media, and understanding the benefits of each will help you make a decision that works best for you. Before you get lost in the abyss of canvas vs metal, and more, here's a simple guide that won't leave you guessing.


Art Dallas has a beautiful collection of artwork that can be cropped and printed on many different art medias.  Looking onto a landscape is the perfect escape from that city space. Art Dallas prints on paper are a cost efficient solution for providing beautiful artwork to your project. 


Canvas provides an elegant and stylish look and feel that has withstood the test of time. In keeping with that tradition, Art Dallas  provides printing and stretching canvas services that will add to the ambiance and style of your project. Art Dallas has a full gallery of original works of art! 


Art Dallas has worked with Acrylics for the better part of 3 decades! Acrylics in a n Art Dallas framers hand can be used in several beautiful ways. As a Framing option Acrylic makes a major statement while staying classic. Printing on acrylic creates a new way to view a fine art print The colors come out incredibly vibrant and it makes of a truly unique piece. Displaying your precious items is a solution to shadowboxes where you may miss all sides of your treasures. 

A contemporary twist on historical images from "Two Rivers, Two Lands: An American Passage" - these three dimensional pieces are 86"x48" photo collages printed by Art Dallas on brushed aluminum for the black and white photography, acrylic for the color; and mounted together with double stand offs for a lobby display.  This piece was winner of an Adex Design Journal Award for Design Excellence.


The Metal Print is one of Art Dallas premium products. To make it, your artwork is printed in a process involving exact laser positioning and precise measurement. The process allows for the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with excellent durability.The aluminum is 1 mm thick and has a special, transparent coating, making it a straightforward and durable substrate for your work of art. Art Dallas Metal Prints are easy to handle in any size or format, and they are weatherproof and impervious to fluctuations in temperature. 

  • Exceptional colors – highly recommended for colorful and high-contrast images

  • Reliable and durable – thermal sublimation and robust aluminum make a great combination

  • It is lightweight and robust – even in oversized formats

  • [1] 1 mm thick aluminum

  • [2] Silver from the back


Wood is a nature lovers solution to beautiful décor! Bringing in the elements of the outdoors into your space is a great way to warm a space and give it life.  We call our beautiful prints on wood Eco-chic! Perfect for specialized projects. These pieces can be framed or hung with standoffs or even standing out as wood boxes.  


Art Dallas' digital design team has created a mountain of wall mural patterns that will blow you away. From patterned looks, to works that pop, to custom works of art, each work is digitally mastered, creating a one-of-a-kind work for your space. 

Wall mural designs can speak volumes about the tastes and personalities of the heritage of the spaces they occupy; they also can tell the story of the owner, infusing the space with character like a piece of art. So here are just a few of some Art Dallas original wall murals.  Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to traditional media. Art Dallas vinyl murals are fully customize-able allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.  

At Art Dallas, wall murals come in every look you can think of, from classic, neutral or minimalistic, to bohemian, bold, and artsy. Digital printing has enabled revolutionary changes, bringing murals up-to-date with exciting designs. Unlimited color palettes are available and there are no restrictions when it comes to pattern size, resulting in designs that are big and brilliantly vibrant.

Unique Substrates

Custom is Art Dallas's middle name! Art Dallas can provide a variety of custom solutions to solve your design problems: for example how do you meet the corporate requirement for a hotel lobby bar to have a travel theme, meet local code for surfaces in a food and beverage area, and do it in a way that's cool and unique?  

Art Dallas has created some unique works of art utilizing  our in house printers. This client is a major lover of music and wanted to show it in a big way! The Art Dallas Art Consulting and design teams found a way to take classic records and bring a contemporary flair to this space. 

Art Dallas created a custom bar front digitally creating original artwork and then printing it on material flexible enough to fit any bar shape as well as back lighting as to create that wonderland effect.  These art prints are done in house and are completely customized 


Art Dallas started large format printing in 1993 - refining the hardware, software, media and inks for its digital printing process  to the point it's now an integral part of our core business.

We now have a flexibility that's unequaled - we can provide creative design solutions ranging from prints on traditional papers, canvas, murals and wallpaper, as well as alternatives such as aluminum, acrylic, wood and more.