HD Expo 2016

Art Dallas Attened HD Expo 2016! 


Thank you so much for stopping by the Art Dallas booth #4131 We featured services in an open format inviting each expo visitor in to see Antique mirrors, original artwork, handcrafted mirrors, beautiful frames, and large scale fine art prints on a variation of materials created house at Art Dallas Inc.

We were thrilled that the Art Dallas both was booming all three days of the event in Las Vegas. A big thank you to all of the industry professionals we were able to connect with and share our love for making it artful!

#ArtDallas #MakeitArtful 


Featured in the Art Dallas booth this year was an AD original concepted and created in house . This nail head piece  utilized 5 resources that art dallas offers in house

Once conceptualized by our fantastic art consulting staff, the graphic pattern was created by our in house graphic designer then printed on wood in the AD Print Shop!  After we drilled the holes we started painting each nail and the framed the piece  in one of the 6,000 frames available in the AD frame shop.  Once we could see a pattern our dedicated team got together in true Art Dallas fashion and hammered away to create this beautiful work! 


Another Key Feature of the booth this year was the giant mural on the outside of the booth! We loved the bright colors of this beautiful work and made it tradeshow specific by adding our famous hashtags #MakeItArtful & #ArtDallas to the edge of the work we then scaled the work to roughly 10 feet by 10 feet. Printed in the Art Dallas print shop the work of art made visible the kind of unique artwork on can find in our gallery! 


This year at HD Expo was a year of originals! Spotted on the inner corner the booth was a beautifully Antique Mirrored print created in house at Art Dallas Inc. The woman was digitally edited then printed on glass. The piece was then antiqued with our signature Golden Girl. And because the name fit the work so beautifully it was then framed in a large ornate wooden frame. We loved that the booth at HD Expo 2016 showcased so many of the resources that Art Dallas offers! 


Thanks Again to all those who attend! For those who missed the booth you can download all of the information you need here

booth Tour !!!