Spring Upgrades

As the weather warms, most people turn their attention to landscaping their yards or gardens (an admirable ambition, no doubt!). However, as any design-lover knows, this is also the perfect time to open the windows, clean out clutter, and give your indoor spaces a makeover as well. Here are some artful ways you can spruce your space this spring.



If your art collection doesn't thrill you as it once did, refresh your pieces without letting them go (and going through the trouble of selling them). Display them using all gold — or silver, pink, purple, etc. — frames for an update that instantly changes the mood of the room.

Don't underestimate the power of a good trim. Whether on the bed, throw pillows, or framed artwork, a border will instantly clean up any look.

art dallas new .jpg


You probably haven't noticed your bookshelves gathering clutter over the years, but all of those books, knick-knacks, and random tidbits (out-of-place penny, we're looking at you), add up to a lot of visual noise.

Spring cleaning doesn't always mean hiding everything out of sight. Leaving space for your artwork is the perfect way to bring character to your newly organized space.



Pop of Color

Does your space lack focus? Give the eye a place to rest by investing in a piece of artwork that stands out in either color or shape.

You don't have to grab your paint rollers or ready the wallpaper to revamp a space. 2018 is looking up — or at least the statement artwork trends are. Allowing your artwork to take up space is the perfect way to give a space a feeling of grandeur; talk about dramatic!

The introduction of art is a chance to infuse color and personality into a neutral palette; think large scale photography, paintings, or even mixed media. When it comes to statement pieces, go big or go home.


Bring the Green indoors

Add some foliage indoors in a dramatic way. We are missing our lush green outdoors so we are bringing a little green into your artwork. From originals on different media to art prints, Art Dallas brings color into blank spaces. 

Calming art has been a major topic in the design community and especially on our blog. Creating a soothing feeling of home as well as a clean put-together space is a heavy median to navigate. Bringing green and neutrals into a space does not always have to be nature's natural elements, but green and blue tones bring that lush feeling into a space. 

floral-print-wallpaper-1486154116 sq.jpg

Tackle an Accent Wall

If you've been dreaming of making a statement in a plain white room, take the plunge and create an accent wall.

When it comes to wall murals, you can find a design in every color, style, and pattern to suit your interior, but what are designers predicting to be the biggest trends for 2018? The fantastic thing about the current time is that there isn't one overriding trend. People are embracing their own tastes and individuality. We think of wall murals as art for your whole wall because they can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically.