Spring Design Trends 2017

Attention, design lovers: Spring is officially approaching. As the colors outside change from gloomy gray to perfectly sunny and pastel, our interiors also request a bit of a refresh — and there's no better way for your space to blossom than by celebrating the trends of the season.

Art Dallas is embracing spring early with the following trends, and feel your interiors brighten up just as much as the weather outside.



Go beyond silver and gold (and avoid the slight brass overkill of 2016) by incorporating a fashionable copper accent to your space. 

Metals are a great lightweight alternative to art print. Aluminum is the lightest of our artwork solutions and allows for a sleek and ultra-modern look and feel. Art Dallas prints custom images directly on the metals allowing the aluminum to shine through your image. metals can be installed with standoffs or framed.


Marble Wall Mural 

If all things marble are the key to your design-loving heart, but the downfall of your bank account, try marble vinyl, Murals Wallpaper offers a much more practical alternative by way of wallpaper.

Art Dallas Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to, or in lieu of traditional artwork media. Our vinyl murals are fully customizable allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.



The growing interest in acrylic is perfectly clear, on everything from large artwork to chic floating frames. This work featured in a corporate office space brings vibrant color and style. 

As innovators in the process of printing on acrylic, Art Dallas  has perfected our application using specialized high quality processes that are second to none. Our standard process includes the use of standoffs as the preferred hanging method. 


Natural Wood Finish

Artists put great effort into the quality of the finish in their work, respecting the natural characteristics of their media. The finish of a frame needs to be executed accordingly, with the same deliberate integrity and respect for the native beauty of materials.


Navy Blues 

Just about everyone loves dark tones, but this spring, designers are turning away from the go-to matte black and crisp white color scheme, and more toward navy and deep blue tones

This 48 x 48 originals on canvas is in the Art Dallas Gallery today!