Sculptural Statement


Making a Sculptural  statement is difficult Sculpture stands alone to appeal to the imagination and artful eye.

The most dynamic, contemporary interiors are not confined to artwork of any singular look or period. Combining pieces that vary in size and texture and then arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness, and even some whit.

When we think sculpture we think shape, form, color, and culture and even cultural influence . Art Dallas has created custom sculpture and art installation we think you will find beautiful inspiration here.


In addition to framing, Art Dallas provides a full-service custom woodshop. We are a complete art resource for every one of your needs. Our studio has more than 30 years of experience creating original artwork.

Art Dallas creates artwork from many different substrates and one of our favorites is wood. Wood is a nature lover's solution to beautiful décor! Bringing in the elements of the outdoors into your space is a great way to warm up a space and give it life. 

A statement wall sculpture is the perfect way to draw people toward your space. This custom work was hand-stained and sealed. 

The large, wooden works of art mark the space with a warm, inviting aesthetic, while big, bold wood works will never go out of style. Trending this year are beautiful wooden finishes that can be accomplished several ways. While one of our in-house selection of frames is a beautiful solution, a hand-painted finish still achieves a high-end style and lends it to a lighter budget. 


This custom copper piece was cut, printed, aged, and mounted in-house at Art Dallas! Metal works are one of Art Dallas' specialties. Each of the 150 individual copper pieces were cut by hand and then arranged for the most beautiful aesthetic appeal. This work brought some serious sheen to the HD Expo 2017 booth! This work was hand selected by the Art Dallas consulting team and installed in the new Canopy Hotel in Uptown Dallas.

This style is the design addict’s must-have; understated for a room yet hyper-chic! Make these metal works your statement pieces to bring life to your design. One of the most fun remodels for 2018 is a refocusing on art pieces toward rich metallic tones: deep coppers, bronze, gold, and even crisp silver.  Trendsetters recommend a careful hand with these accents since too much can overwhelm the room, but with a bit of creativity and an eye for design, Art Dallas can install all the stunning new work.


This project was beautiful from conception. Art Dallas partnered with HUE Design to create this glowing art installation in a hospitality space. 

We started by hand-finishing the wooden panels to match the interior of the space. The deep colors and dramatic lighting have a classic, luxurious feel. 

Individually spaced using a CAD drawing, each of the 740 individual hand polished rods were placed to create that beautiful glow in this space. Walking down this hallway is like walking into a modern art exhibit. 

The Art Dallas installation team is experienced in dealing with aggressive schedules and provides consistent quality results.

Our skills are the perfect resource for art consultants, interior designers, businesses, and homeowners. We have experience and expertise in transporting, arranging and installing home, gallery, and office collections.

No matter where the placement of your art is, we will work with you and your surroundings to give your art the look and security that was intended. We have a wide range of secure hooks, anchors, and brackets we use for installations that fit any location and style of art. Whether it is one piece or one thousand pieces, we can assist with your home or business project.