Residential Art Installation

 Recently Art Dallas had the pleasure of arranging & installing beautiful had painted plates and framing some amazing artwork and artifacts collected through a residents travels! 


These pieces of artwork are all rare historical memorabilia collected over the years and passed down from generations  past. The Art Dallas framing team took great interest when framing each artifact by hand in the Art Dallas Frame Shop. Utilizing our custom closed corner framing method these works of art  and one of a kind collectibles will forever be protected by a beautiful wooden frames.


The Art Dallas installation team took special care in arranging the antique glassware to the collectors approval. The grouping of plates were collected from over 12 countries by the home owner and now they can be seen as an art installation in the dinning and living areas of the home. 

Each of the rooms had a specific need for design so the team carefully curated the pieces into a collection and hug them to bring life to the space.  

Your artwork style should represent your or your spaces personality, travel and interests, after all its what will inspire you daily.! Have fun with your style and your style is sure to be a beautiful eclectic reflection of you! Just as it has in this elegant residential space. 


No matter the size of your space there is always room for artwork! Stacking your works doesn't have to be uniform to be eye catching. Corners are  a space often overlooked but can easily become a focal point when framed and organized correctly. Spacing becomes a bit more important in smaller spaces, So when Art Dallas is picking artwork for smaller spaces great care is taken to keep the style goal in mind while jumping the hurdle of a small space