Finding Peace in Art

You already know a peaceful space is a happy space. While that likely means choosing your artwork, framing and matting based on their comfort quotient, it's one thing that's easy to overlook

Nothing zaps your zen quite as quickly as the look of noisy artwork. We have some quick tips to calm your artwork worries! 

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Bring in Neutrals

Bring in nature by utilizing a neutral color palette Neutrals do not have to be Dull! AD art consultants can find beautiful works like the acrylic on canvases pictured above. Still life florals with an abstract flair will give any space a peaceful vibe.  Some guidelines to follow when choosing subject art- 

1.  Open prospect or depth of field

 2.  Refuge or place of shelter or safety

 3.  Lack of ambiguity or hazard

These characteristics serve as guidelines in the selection of calming art but they still leave room for artistic freedom when it comes to the selection of size, subject, composition, materials, and placement.

Tone it down

Keep it cool and calm with tones that evoke a softer side. But cool tones do not have to be photographs of waves to render your space into a beach like hush. Because not everyone is enamored with nature art.  To describe a work of representative nature art as beautiful or thought provoking is the reaction one is looking for when finding the perfect abstract work to calm your patrons Abstract cool tones evoke emotion in a space while creating a style. 

Landscape Escapes

Creating a focal point that is a lush forest or gorgeous mountain scape is a wonderful way to create a escape within your space. Evoking that serene feeling is tough to do in a crowded office or restaurant but when your guests catch a glimpse of serenity it calms the mood and centers the room. The most appropriate artwork for zen in high stress locations such as hospitals is representative nature art. While most of us would rather be in nature as opposed to gaze at an image of nature, a quiet hike in the woods, a walk on the beach, or sitting in a park listening to the birds is not always possible. Sometimes circumstances, like being ill, prevent us from experiencing nature directly. However, when we are unable to go outside, representative artwork can trigger memories and can serve as a vehicle for our imagination that allows us to take a mental vacation from our present circumstances

Keep Calm & Make It Artful