Our Favorite Design Concepts

Art Dallas can provide a variety of custom solutions to solve your design problems. For example, how do you meet the corporate requirement for a hotel lobby with the perfect theme, meet local code for surfaces in a food and beverage area, and do it in a way that's cool and unique? This year Art Dallas has taken on some challenging spaces and created beautiful custom works. 

Map with pins and bike.jpeg

Use your walls as a canvas

Wall mural designs can speak volumes about the tastes and personalities of the heritage of the spaces they occupy; they also can tell the story of the owner, infusing the space with character like a piece of art.

Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to, or in-lieu-of, traditional media. Art Dallas vinyl murals are fully customize-able allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.  

At Art Dallas, wall murals come in every look you can think of, from classic, neutral or minimalistic, to bohemian, bold, and artsy. Digital printing has enabled revolutionary changes, bringing murals up-to-date with exciting designs. Unlimited color palettes are available and there are no restrictions when it comes to pattern size, resulting in designs that are big and brilliantly vibrant.


Mix in antiques

The most dynamic, contemporary interiors are not confined to artwork of any singular look or period. Combining pieces that vary in period, shape, form, color, and culture and arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness, and even some whit. We love the warmth, history, and grandeur that antiques can bring. Art Dallas has the perfect pieces that will give your space the right amount of antique influence. 


Authentic organic impact

The frame shop at Art Dallas is known for its selection of moldings, creative use of materials, and professional results. Art Dallas makes an effort to preserve the traditional, handcrafted custom works.

From leather to custom wood, Art Dallas creates custom work from many different substrates.  

The large, wooden works of art mark the space with a warm, inviting aesthetic, while big, bold wood works will never go out of style. Trending this year are beautiful wooden finishes that can be accomplished several ways. While one of our in-house selection of frames is a beautiful solution, a hand-painted finish still achieves a high-end style and lends it to a lighter budget. 


Use texture to make neutrals pop

Aside from creating contrast with color, texture is a subtle way to bring new drama into a space.  

One thing you will never catch a stylish space without is beautiful artwork. It's a necessary investment you can not skimp on. Whether it is a classic original Monett or a graphic design custom-created for your space. It's not about the piece but the commitment to the art.

Find your One-of-a-Kind

If you don't remember anything else, the artwork matters the most. While large originals can be a budget buster, if you are smart about styling your space, an original from an up-and-coming artist will appreciate in value and add some major lux to your space. 

Allowing your artwork to take up space is the perfect way to give it a feeling of grandeur; talk about dramatic!

The introduction of art is a chance to infuse color and personality into a neutral palette. Think large-scale photography, paintings, or even mixed media. When it comes to statement pieces, go big or go home.