Maps as Art

Your space is an expression of you or your business. If abstract art is not your style Art Dallas has a solution. Maps unite every type of individual, from those who love to travel to those who miss home. Décor should evoke emotion and maps are the perfect glance into where you have been and where you will go next! 

Interior designers, however, have deployed maps on wallpapers, murals, and prints for decades. And with so many options available at Art Dallas, now it’s easier than ever to hang your own map in any room of your home, whether it’s as a memento of a cherished vacation or as inspiration for a future sojourn.



Wooden Maps

Art  Dallas was recently presented with the task of getting creative with  a map! We put all of our custom resources together and this beautiful work of art was created. 

First our wood shop found the perfect type of wood that would look smooth and give the natural effect once it was sanded and routed without being treated. 

Then our print shop partnered with our digital design team to create a clear and concise map of the region.  After the piece was routed for the river the Art Dallas Print Shop printed this beautiful central map.  The Blue River is Art Dallas custom Antique Mirror in Blue Haze. The sparkling effect comes form the silver properties used to create our signature antique mirror. 



Maps on Metal

If you’ve made a commitment to artwork in your space, there’s plenty to learn before sealing the deal. From basic utility to all things aesthetic, art plays a great role in the look and feel of a space. There are many different substrates and types of media, and understanding the benefits of each will help you make a decision that works best for you. Before you get lost in the abyss of canvas vs metal, and more, here's a simple guide that won't leave you guessing.

Aluminum is a great light weight alternative to framing. Aluminum is the lightest of our artwork solutions and allows for a sleek and ultra-modern look and feel. Art Dallas prints custom images directly on aluminum allowing the aluminum to shine through your image. Aluminum can be installed with standoffs or mounted in a frame. 



Maps on the Ceiling

Every designer knows that the fifth wall is a key element in a design scheme. This project complements the walls in this living community in Austin Texas .

Art Dallas brought in fresh color and new graphics with some new Artwork! We love the bold statements surrounded by color. Playing with patterns and colors will be an unexpected, and eye-catching addition to your day-to-day seating areas. 

This gorgeous arrangement hangs in an upscale living community in Austin Texas. There is no need for GPS when your sitting under a scaled map of Austin. The Art Dallas Design Team carefully scaped the city of Austin and crated a colorful map for this spaces fifth wall. Each colored block in a special district in the active city in Austin. The map was created to represent true north, south, east and west. The rover runs through the map as it does the city. The residents at this living community will never be lost when enjoying their beautiful common area.

IMAGE from

IMAGE from

Framed Segmented Maps

Breaking a small image up to create a larger work is the perfect use of a map! Whether the map is local or spanning the globe Art Dallas has an archive of different regions to make your destination more personal.  This is the perfect way to give glam to a small spot in your space! 

Choosing maps with the same color scheme and framing them in matching sleek black frames creates a grand feeling to an otherwise empty wall. The Art Dallas Frame shop has over 6,000 frames to choose from so the design possibilities  are unlimited. Creating a frame corner is a chic alternative to a large work of art.  



Maps on Acrylic

This map has a focus on the center of the wall. Finding a space that is comfortable for the eyes to rest in a beautiful space is tough. Printing a work on acrylic allows a multi purpose piece of artwork making your guests feel at home as soon as the walk in the door and focus on your map! 

A contemporary twist on print is acrylics!  This work featured in a corporate office space brings vibrant color and style. 

As innovators in the process of printing on acrylic, Art Dallas  has perfected our application using specialized high quality processes that are second to none. Our standard process includes the use of standoffs as the preferred hanging method.



Maps on Vinyl

Vinyl creates a fun space! This style takes looking at things from the big picture literally. The bigger the better when it comes to maps its easier to plan a get away! Art Dallas started large format printing in 1995 - refining the hardware, software, media and inks for its digital printing process. We can provide creative design solutions ranging from prints on traditional papers, canvas, murals and wallpaper, as well as alternatives such as aluminum, acrylic, wood and more.