How To Install and Hang Artwork

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Installation art ranges from the very simple to the very complex. It can be gallery based, computer-based, electronic-based, web-based - the possibilities are limitless and depend entirely upon the artist's concept and aims. Almost any type of material or media can be utilized, including natural or man-made objects, painting and sculpture. Artwork installation is much more than knocking a few nails in the wall. Follow DFW Art Installations  best practice guide to ensure your fine art is positioned safely, with the best possible aesthetic effect

The Basics of hanging artwork

Where to Hang

 Installing artwork at the right height is of paramount importance. We follow a museum guideline of 156cm from the floor to the centre of the image. This may have to adjust depending on the size of your wall space.should be lower.

Consider the colour scheme of your space carefully before selecting which room to hang your artwork in. Fine art materials and colours in your art and framing can have a dramatic impact upon an interior design. Are you looking to create harmony or stark contrast?


Care should be taken to hang your art piece in an area where it will not become damaged by heat, ultraviolet (UV) light rays or humidity. Try not to hang your framed artwork or photographs in direct sunlight. Choose subdued lighting effects that will not reflect into the glass, especially when you are not using non-reflective glass.

Create a Safe Space 

Conserve your fine art by hanging it at a safe distance from damp areas such as bathrooms, spaces with poor ventilation and steamy kitchen areas. Moisture and humidity can damage artwork significantly over time, potentially ruining pieces of financial, cultural or personal value.

Protect your fine art by installing it at a safe distance from direct heat sources such as radiators and electric heaters. Fluctuations in heat can cause long-term damage to an artwork which can lead to costly art restoration treatments!


Who To Hire 

When Hiring Professionals

Look for teams like DFW Art Installation with skills that are the perfect resource for art consultants, interior designers, businesses and homeowners.  You want a team to  have experience and expertise in transporting, arranging and installing home, gallery, and office collections.  

No matter where the placement of your art, the team should work with you and your surroundings to give your art the look and security it was intended.   Tools are important as well your team should have a wide range of secure hooks, anchors and brackets to use for installations that fit any location and style of art.  Whether it is one piece or one thousand pieces DFW Art Installation can assist with your home or business project. 


What We Have Done

Below are some beautiful installations done by DFW art installation


Who we recommend

DFW Art Installation  services can help transform your environment into a gallery of your own.  The DFW Art Installation Team is experienced in dealing with aggressive schedules and provides consistent quality results.