Large works of art in uptown Dallas

Large art can be the defining element of a small space, tying together a color scheme and creating a single focal point that anchors the other items in the room. It can be anything: a painting, a map, found signage, or a rug hung on the wall. It might seem odd to consider a piece of large-scale art for a rather small space, but it’s one trick designers put to the test time and time again to give a room a more spacious feel. It adds a focal point to the design scheme and is another easy way to showcase your aesthetic

Scaling up in a hospitality space can be really effective in utilizing the wall space above your fingers reach. These works were selected by the Art Dallas consulting team and installed in the new Canopy Hotel in Uptown Dallas. Each of these spaces are unique vignettes in the lobby and conference space of this boutique hotel.


First Impression statement piece

This work is a commissioned original acrylic on canvas. It hangs in the lobby of the Canopy hotel and is the first thing you see right after a smiling Hilton employee welcomes you into the beautiful boutique hotel. This work is 6 feet tall and spans the check in desk nicely. The work came directly from the Art Dallas gallery showroom floor.

In the Art Dallas gallery we explore artist collections and find the most beautiful works for your projects. We search through our favorite artists' collections to see what they are up to as well as blooming artists' new works. We find works that are on trend and classic. 

Art Curated Groupings

These works were curated by the Art Dallas in house art consulting team. Art Dallas puts together collections of artwork that could make you swoon! AD creates packages with Artwork, Framing, Matting and Installation. Bring your works together and #makeitartful ! Don't underestimate the power of a good trim. Whether on the bed, throw pillows, or framed artwork, a border will instantly clean up any look.

Our mission is to encourage and promote creative artistic expression both locally and throughout the world. We utilize the finest materials and designs to manufacture custom artwork and accessories in collaboration with the finest contemporary artists.  The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring  oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. 'The Canvas Table' is our hot-spot for new works; it's always changing and we don't want you to miss out on all of the beautiful work! 


Custom Originals

The Art Dallas workshop hummed with creativity when this work was being created. The skilled Art Dallas Creative Team produce custom works is in house. These professionals start each project with a full conceptual write up and then create custom artwork to the detailed preference of the client.  

Art Dallas created an original work for the lobby of a hotel in the West ?Village area of Uptown Dallas! These Custom paper birds were hand painted in house then installed in a flight pattern on large canvas. The Art Dallas in house artist took special care to hand create these paper birds in flight.