Keep cool with a summer art upgrade

With summer in full swing, adding pops of color and fresh touches to your home is a simple way to fête the season and have your interior reflect the warm weather mood. Here, peruse interior inspiration straight from the Art Dallas Gallery, and ensure that your home makes a stylish statement all summer long.


Livable and Beautiful

Our homes are reflections of our crazy fun and busy lives! What we hang on the wall makes a statement about our personal style. Artwork gives life to a space. Weather you have more of a glitz and glam style or quiet and tame, Art Dallas has the perfect custom piece for your collection!

This gorgeous original was stretched and framed by our white glove professional frame team in house. Finding works that suit your style is important to sustain a long lasting livable space.


The Perfect Fit

Finding a style that best fits your space is one of the Art Dallas Art Consulting teams favorite projects! Whether it’s Valentine's Day with a lover or a random Tuesday night, these ideas will have you skipping the rose petals and chocolate by opting for something a little more permanent.

If your art collection doesn't thrill you as it once did, refresh your pieces without letting them go (and going through the trouble of selling them). Display them using all gold — or silver, pink, white, etc. — frames for an update that instantly changes the mood of the room. While there is nothing wrong with miss matched framing there is something to be said about creating bold symmetry by adding color and texture.


Art and Appetites

Because bare walls are no fun at a party, lets talk about the perfect artwork for entertaining. Decorating for an event means moving your artwork and dressing the room for company. Whether it is fresh florals over a grand frame for a statement work over a roaring fire place, Art Dallas has the perfect work to fill your celebration space.

When it comes time to set the mood, a gloomy or uninspired space will quickly ruin the vibe. With a few easy tweaks, your large or intimate party space can also be a sexy fun reflection of who you are or your celebration theme.

Original artwork on paper lends to a larger framing and matting selection. Customizing your beautiful work to fit perfectly in your space. This refined yet elegant work on paper is of many in the Art Dallas Gallery art sleeves.


Bathroom Beauty

One wall in this lively space is dominated by mirrors to reflect its chic atmosphere. Art over mirror or should we say Art over Art. This wall is one large multifaceted work of art! This eye catching installation is a simple solution to creating a focal point with artwork. Art Dallas art consultant's  ability to transform hospitality, corporate, and healthcare interiors by layering color, shape and texture has earned the respect of elite clientele.

Clean cut mirror gives the perfect flashback to a modern space. Mixed patterns and materials give a layered depth to the senses. Allowing you to turn inward while still experiencing its fine art feel.  Art Dallas produces hand framed mirror that captures the feel of your design style.