Just Add Color: Easy ways to spruce up your space

When it comes to giving any room in your space a new look a large color palette should be your muse. There are so many gorgeous hues and when executed well they elevate life in any space. 

hilton image2.jpg

Raise The Bar 

This striking sculpture adds just the amount of striking red overhead to make any scotch sipper swoon. 

Power and boldness are the emotions red works demand. One large statement piece  is the perfect way to gather people in a public living space. The best part of using a bold color might just be making the mundane feel special. What was once a neutral living room has become interesting. 


Luxe Lighting 

The lighting matches the mood of the artwork setting off the fine detail in the work. Professionally lighting your artwork will make it shine.

When faced with the task of bringing depth to an otherwise dull space, artwork is always the perfect solution as well as the lighting that illuminates the work. When lighting artwork in your space, you can utilize layers. Chandeliers create ambient light. which give a beautiful, warm glow, to your space but does not light artwork well. Art lighting is specific to each piece. 


Swoon Worthy Swirl 

Custom made marble wall mural 

If all things marble are the key to your design-loving heart, but the downfall of your bank account, try marble vinyl, Murals Wallpaper offers a much more practical alternative by way of wallpaper.

Art Dallas Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to, or in lieu of traditional artwork media. Our vinyl murals are fully customizable allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.


Mirror Mirror 

Thanks to its captivating look antique mirror shows how far updating the classics can take you.

These natural elements add major glamour to any room. The cultured and regal aesthetic of the vibrant precious metal that is layered on the Art  Dallas Antique mirror has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal. These works are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and appear luminous in the soft glow of diffused, natural light.


Artful Glow

Art Dallas struck a beautiful balance with sculpture and backdrop in this lobby.

Interior design is like a three-dimensional game of chess: You have to think about space both vertically and horizontally. In some cases the space feels too large, and you have enough space to swing dance in the living room. You must break down these rooms and create spaces with scale. In an expansive room, needs different sized artwork. Creating separate spaces with large art pannells is always a beautiful option.