Holiday Decor

Decorating for the holidays means moving your artwork and dressing the room for company. Whether it is a garland over a grand frame for a statement work over a roaring fire place, Art Dallas has the perfect work to fill your holiday space with joy


Antique Mirror

When trying to decide whether to hang a mirror or a piece of art, the choice should always come down to the one that is most aesthetically appealing. But in many cases a mirror just works better. With a beautiful frame and decorative details, it is art.

Antique mirror gives the perfect flashback to a modern space. Mixed patterns and materials give a layered depth to the senses. Allowing you to turn inward while still experiencing its fine art feel.  

Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. Art Dallas Antique Mirror offers a range of applications from framed wall mirrors, walls, backslashes, furniture inserts - it's limited only by your design imagination.


Festive Framing

This year as you shop for that perfect artwork, don’t forget about the framing. While hanging art is a tradition in so many homes, if the framing is worn down or outdated it will bring down your aesthetic. This year, take your mantel to the next level with a unique and beautiful framing that will complete your festive décor.

Art Dallas is unlike other frame shops in that our frame shop team can create many unique and hard-to-find custom framing styles. We have a large selection of closed-corner, gilded frames, from 16th century to early 20th century, as well as contemporary styles in our 5,000 square foot showroom space. The Art Dallas art consultants all have the expertise to help suggest framing styles and techniques to perfectly complement your treasured artwork.


Wall Mural

It used to be that wallpaper was a permanent decision—and then adhesive panels came along and changed the game. But what if you found a glue-on roll you loved—but wanted a removable option? Or fell long-time in love with a temporary print? Art Dallas peel and stick wall mural is the perfect way to create a semi permanent statement with digitally created artwork and photos.

Art Dallas' digital design team has created a mountain of wall mural patterns that will blow you away. From patterned looks, to works that pop, to custom works of art, each work is digitally mastered, creating a one-of-a-kind work for your space. 

Wall mural designs can speak volumes about the tastes and personalities of the heritage of the spaces they occupy; they also can tell the story of the owner, infusing the space with character like a piece of art.


Seasonal Art

Our homes are reflections of our crazy fun and busy lives! What we hang on the wall makes a statement about our personal style. Artwork gives life to a space. Weather you have more of a glitz and glam style or quiet and tame, Art Dallas has the perfect custom piece for your collection! 

Whether your a festive fanatic or a modest holiday homemaker, there's a perfect piece of artwork for every space. From elevated originals to dazzling prints, hanging a work of art is how to make a statement this season.

The Gallery is a showroom in the Dallas Design District. It showcases our extensive collection of original art and sculpture as well as our own Art Dallas products such as Flash, Antique Mirror, and our aluminum, copper, and canvas prints and murals.