High Gloss Art

When it comes to paint finishes, you might consider high-gloss to be the most daring of options. However, it's actually a common paint finish designers use to add visual interest to an interior. High-gloss finishes can be a great way to add dimension or detail to a room. High-gloss works of art are often used in living rooms, entry ways, in corporate as well as in hospitality and residential, with the objective of making a statement whether the style is traditional or modern. Art Dallas has several solutions to your need for shine!


High Gloss Paint

Abstract art has been with us in one form or another for almost a century now and has proved to be not only a long-standing crux of cultural debate but a self-renewing, vital tradition of creativity. We know that it works, even if we’re still not sure why that’s so, or exactly what to make of that fact.

Originals on canvas are the perfect kind of works to fill large spaces and make a large impact. High gloss paint is a tool artists use to create a focal point with their works. The shine with high gloss paint is dramatic without creating an actual mirrored effect. The Art Dallas canvas table is full of all types of media options on canvas, But we love to see your works gleam.


Original Resin Art

A Resin pour is always an option over original works or print works to create a custom look and feel. These works are original acrylic paintings on wood boxes with a resin carefully poured over the top by the original artist.

The shine of resin is almost reflective giving each of the works their own mirror like gloss. The coating acts as a seal to the work of art creating a more permanent feel to the work. You can find several resin works hanging in the Art Dallas Gallery today.


Print On Metal

The metal print is one of Art Dallas' premium products. To make this style, your artwork is printed in a process involving exact laser positioning and precise measurement. The process allows for the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with excellent durability.The aluminum is 1 mm thick and has a special transparent coating, making it a straightforward and durable substrate for your work of art. Art Dallas metal prints are easy to handle in any size or format, and they are weatherproof and impervious to fluctuations in temperature. 

  • Exceptional colors – highly recommended for colorful and high-contrast images

  • Reliable and durable – thermal sublimation and robust aluminum make a great combination

  • It is lightweight and robust – even in oversized formats

  • [1] 1 mm thick aluminum

  • [2] Silver from the back


Acrylic Framing and Print

Custom framing is a large part of our business; we've created beautiful work continuously under the same family ownership since 1988! We specialize in the individual framing project. Bringing canvas, paper, or objects in to be framed is a fun experience at Art Dallas. With over 5,000 frames to choose from we are sure to have your style! 

Art Dallas can create a custom acrylic mount for your artwork in-house! Placing a piece of artwork between two custom-cut and smoothed pieces of acrylic is a fun framing option for a modern twist on displaying photography or fine art prints! Sandwiching the piece protects it from damage as opposed to a matted frame with no plexi barrier; it is an option for artwork of any size!