HD Expo 2017


Thank you so much for stopping by the Art Dallas booth #5433 We featured services in an open format inviting each expo visitor in to see Antique mirrors, original artwork, handcrafted mirrors, beautiful frames, and large scale fine art prints on a variation of materials created house at Art Dallas Inc.

We were thrilled that the Art Dallas booth was booming all three days of the event in Las Vegas. A big thank you to all of the industry professionals we were able to connect with and share our love for making it artful!

#ArtDallas #MakeitArtful #MadeInTheUSA #LiveSince1988


This custom printed wooden and rope work was made in house at the Art Dallas Workshop. First the pattern was created by our in house graphic designers then printed on the custom cut wood. The work was then mounted on a painted wood backdrop where the hand painted nails where fitted and tied with black rope. This Art Dallas Original brings life to a simple wooden round. 


We are skating through HD Expo  show! This custom art installation is lit from behind. This piece was created concept to conclusion at Art Dallas! Art Dallas' consulting team wanted to create  a work that would sweep show goers right of their feet and these antique roller skates lit up the center of the booth.


This custom copper piece was cut printed aged and mounted in house at Art Dallas! Metal works are one of Art Dallas specialties. Each of the 150 individual copper pieces were cut  by hand and then arranged for the most beautiful aesthetic appeal. This work brought some serious sheen to the booth! 


This year at HD Expo was a year of originals! Spotted on the inner corner the booth was a beautifully Antique Mirrored print created in house at Art Dallas Inc. The graffiti was digitally edited then printed on glass. The piece was then antiqued with our signature Golden Girl. And because the name fit the work so beautifully it was then framed in a large sleek wooden frame. We loved that the booth at HD Expo 2017 showcased so many of the resources that Art Dallas offers! 


Another Key Feature of the booth this year was the giant mural on the outside of the booth! We loved the bright colors of this beautiful work and made it trade show specific by adding our famous hashtags #MakeItArtful & #ArtDallas to the edge of the work we then scaled the work to roughly 5 feet by 10 feet. These works were created by a local Dallas artist and then printed on a large scale in the Art Dallas Print Shop! 


These panels are 2 original paintings that were scanned and printed in large scale at the permission of the artist at the Art Dallas print shop the work of art made visible the kind of unique artwork one can find in our gallery!