Frame with real wood

To complement today’s furniture finishes, mouldings are available in a wide variety of natural woods, from oak, to walnut, to natural cherry. Frame styles can even be combined, stacking one style with another, to create fresh, new looks that would be virtually impossible to find in a mass-produced frame. The sky’s the limit! Custom picture framing and art selection should be an exciting experience. Our ongoing mission is to stay on top of the latest trends in color and design so that we can give you the best advice possible.


With the right matting and frame, the framing package can become a work of art in and of itself. However, care should be taken that the design does not overpower the art by drawing too much attention to itself. Some may mistakenly take this to mean that the frame should always be small, or simple, or that the mat should only be a small border in some neutral tone. Not true. By taking into consideration the color, size, style, and visual texture of your artwork, the frame design will become part of the art, enhancing the piece as a whole. Detailed or busy art pieces are best displayed in simple frames. Simple or not so busy art pieces are enhanced through more ornate frames. Mirrors can handle very detailed and extravagant frames.


From flat, rectangular frames, to rounded, contoured styles, Art Dallas offers a selection of over 6,000 frames. The Art Dallas frame shop is known for its selection of moulding, creative use of materials, and professional results. Each design project, whether large or small, can be beautifully framed. 

Art Dallas is unlike other frame shops in that our frame shop team can create many unique and hard-to-find custom framing styles. We have a large selection of closed-corner, gilded frames, from 16th century to early 20th century, as well as contemporary styles in our 5,000 square foot showroom space. The Art Dallas art consultants all have the expertise to help suggest framing styles and techniques to perfectly complement your treasured artwork. Here are a few of our unique, custom framing styles: 

With our relationships with frame manufacturers as well as our ability to create specific solutions to projects, the options are limitless. If you have previewed a molding that works with your project, let us know the frame number and, chances are, we already have a longstanding relationship with that manufacturer or can match the frame.