Female Artist We Love, to Celebrate Womens History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting the powerhouse artists that are stepping up and creating beautiful work around the globe. These women span our collections from classic work to contemporary and abstract. These Artists are all available in the Art Dallas Gallery. Art Dallas takes care when creating the selection of artwork for the showroom We take each industry  in which we work (Hospitality, Corporate, Healthcare, and Residence)  into consideration when selecting each season. These women always make the list!



Ursula J. Brenner creates a diverse array of landscapes and contemporary abstracts in acrylics and encaustics, using contrasts in form and color to underscore emotion in each piece. Ursula's art reflects a wide range of moods, from light and playful to deep and mysterious.



From the moment we saw her gorgeous works we fell in love and wanted to share them with all of you! The pieces featured here are all hanging in the Art Dallas Gallery today. You can see the passion and dedication she put into each piece at fist glance. Each of her works evoke different emptions that deepen as you gaze. Come by the Gallery today to find the perfect piece for your collection.

Jessica Loving grew up in the once sleepy mountain town of Conifer, Colorado. She spent much of her childhood being fortunate enough to experience extensive international travel with her family. This gift of ultimately, wanderlust, thoroughly enriched her being. Before the age of 20, she had already visited over 30 countries and seven continents.



We have carried this artist in the gallery for half a decade! We love her work and it makes a gorgeous statement in hospitality venues as well as the gallery walls. Josiane Childers works in acrylics on canvas as well as painting on various metal and plexiglass sculptures. She experiments with texture, depth, and illusion to offer something truly unexpected.

Even though she paints mostly abstract works, the spacious sky and unique landscape of her home state of Arizona has an enlightening impact on her art.  The beauty of her paintings and the phenomenal recognition she has received reflect Ms. Childers' dedication to her craft.