Dining with Art

Large Dining Spaces are so much more than food. The Ambiance is key to really enjoy a meal or celebrating on a large scale.. Whether you are contemplating a renovation to your personal residence, your business, or hospitality venue – hotel, restaurant, spa – creating a space to match your chic rep will take some serious attention to detail. Art Dallas has the perfect pieces and style options for any beautiful gathering space this fall. Because bare walls are no fun at a party, lets talk about the perfect artwork for dining.


Hospitality Dining

From conference rooms to private staff spaces art has a major influence on not only your customers but your staff as well. There is evidence that art-based interventions are effective in reducing adverse physiological and psychological outcomes, the extent to which these interventions enhance wellness status is largely unknown. Our hope is to establish an engagement with the arts and the office.


Bar & Lounge Spaces

Lining your hallways with beautiful art does more thank you may think to stimulate productivity and a positive work environment. An Art filled-office plan has the potential for a unique layout and a creative mix of spaces — both shared and private — that can have a huge impact on a company's creativity, innovation and collaboration.


Hotel Suite Dining

Canvas on the large scale is a beautiful way to amplify your dining decor. While impressive in its own right when it is thoughtfully framed canvas makes a glamorous impact on your dinner guests. 


Restaurant Dining

Double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. Hang a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your room, or arrange an array of smaller mirrors to help brighten up the space. Thanks to its captivating look, antique mirror shows how far updating the classics can take you.

These natural elements add major glamour to any room. The cultured and regal aesthetic of the vibrant precious metal that is layered on the Art Dallas antique mirror has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal; these works are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and appear luminous in the soft glow of diffused, natural light.

In the Art Dallas gallery we explore artist collections and find the most beautiful works for your projects. We search through our favorite artists' collections to see what they are up to as well as blooming artists' new works. We find works that are on trend and classic. Our mission is to encourage and promote creative artistic expression both locally and throughout the world. We utilize the finest materials and designs to manufacture custom artwork and accessories in collaboration with the finest contemporary artists. The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. 'The Canvas Table' is our hot-spot for new works; it's always changing and we don't want you to miss out on all of the beautiful work!