Decor Trends that Shaped 2017

From curated gallery walls to statement antique mirrors, last year has had beautiful trends that shaped decor, and Art Dallas created these custom works in 2017. 

Print On Unique Substrate  


'Custom' is Art Dallas' middle name! Art Dallas can provide a variety of custom solutions to solve your design problems. For example, how do you meet the corporate requirement for a travel theme at a hotel lobby bar, meet local code standards for surfaces in a food and beverage area, and do it in a way that is cool and unique?  

Art Dallas has created some unique works of art utilizing our in-house printers. This particular client is a lover of music and wanted to show it in a big way! The Art Dallas art consulting and design teams found a way to take classic records and bring a contemporary flair to this space. 


Cover Every Inch In Art


 Finding a style that best fits your space is one of the Art Dallas Art Consulting teams' favorite projects! Each work was custom framed in a reveal frame to allow the artwork on canvas to really pop! This client's love for abstract artwork matched our own!

Abstract art has been with us in one form or another for almost a century now and has proved to be, not only a long-standing crux of cultural debate, but a self-renewing, vital tradition of creativity; we know that it works, even if we’re still not sure why that’s so, or exactly what to make of that fact.


Custom Framing Everything


Turn your walls into a cohesive gallery with unique frames of beautiful antique mirrors.

From concept to completion, Art Dallas worked with the hotel owner and an interior design firm to find the perfect frames for this space. We developed an eye-catching collection of custom frames filled with convex and antique mirrors. With the space in mind, custom frames were selected and then strategically placed. The grand presence of the mirrors, which has the effect of a large-scale work of art, helps to unite the other elements of the space to create an inviting area for conversation and cocktails. 


Wood Elements


Art Dallas creates artwork from many different substrates. Wood is a nature lover's interpretation of beautiful decor! Bringing in the elements of the outdoors into your space is a great way to warm up a room and give it life. 

Art Dallas was recently presented with the task of getting creative with a map! We put all of our custom resources together and this beautiful work of art was created. Then our print shop partnered with our digital design team to create a clear and concise map of the region.  After the piece was routed for the river, the Art Dallas Print Shop printed this beautiful central map. The Blue River is Art Dallas' custom antique mirror in Blue Haze, and the sparkling effect comes from the silver properties used to create our signature antique mirror. 


Wall Mural


When it comes to wall murals, you can find a design in almost every color, style, and pattern to suit your interior, but what are designers predicting as the biggest trends for 2018? The fantastic thing about the current time is that there isn't even one overriding trend. People are embracing their own tastes and individuality. We think of wall murals as art for your entire wall because they can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically.

Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to traditional artwork. Art Dallas' vinyl murals are fully customize-able, allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.

Wall Mural designs can speak volumes about the tastes and personalities of the heritage of the spaces they occupy. They also can tell the story of the owner, infusing the space with character like a piece of art.