Classic Art Elements Every Space Needs

Designing a room is meant to be fun. No matter your style, the ability to change your space and revamp your design sensibilities is a big part of what we all love about decorating. The trick to keeping a cohesive home? Investing in classic items that anchor your rooms, regardless of how creative you get.



When trying to decide whether to hang a mirror or a piece of art, the choice should always come down to the one that is most aesthetically appealing. But in many cases a mirror just works better. With a beautiful frame and decorative details, it is art.

Hung on a wall opposite a painting, it reflects the image, giving the painting even more importance. Besides being beautiful, mirrors, with their silvery coloration and reflective powers, can mask problems, such as inadequate space and poor light. When hanging a mirror, consider the height, which is critical to getting the best reflection. Over a mantel, a mirror may be too high to see yourself or the room in the reflection and might end up reflecting the ceiling. Mirrors with frames that are more important than the reflection, such as starburst mirrors, work well at a higher level. Unless it is used for primping, a mirror looks best when it reflects light from a window.



The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use. From table to mantel florals make an appearance in everyone's winter space. A floral palate helps to incorporate fall without clashing with your everyday décor. Florals are one of this year's biggest trend. Every space can benefit from a bouquet! But there is definitely no wrong form to find florals in your space. Art Dallas has the ability to create works on any sub-strait



With the right artwork, going all neutral is anything but boring. Out with the old and in with the neutrals! Warmer than gray but way cooler than taupe, these sophisticated hues are poised to take center stage . There's nothing wrong with erring towards beiges and greys in any space, but the right amount of risk-taking color can take a room from safely chic to completely memorable. This move doesn't even require committing to a bold red wall or a jewel-toned couch; smaller decorations, like mirrors, framing, and artwork.

The introduction of art is a chance to infuse color and personality into a neutral palette. Think large scale photography, paintings or even mixed media. When it comes to statement pieces, go big to go home.


Minimalistic Works

There's a reason museums favor precise, minimalist décor to show off artwork: sharp, clean lines provide the structure that lets decorative elements sing. Allowing your artwork to take up space is the perfect way to give it a feeling of grandeur; talk about dramatic!

Works of art in their own right, frames play an essential and often overlooked role in complementing the artworks they support. Custom framing is a large part of our business...we've created beautiful work continuously under the same family ownership since 1988! We specialize in the individual framing project. Bringing canvas, paper, or objects in to be framed is a fun experience at Art Dallas. With over 5,000 frames to choose from, we are sure to have your style!


Wall Mural

When it comes to wall mural you can pretty much find a design in every color, style and pattern to suit your interior, but what are designers predicting as the biggest trends for 2019? The fantastic thing about the current time is that there isn't one overriding trend people are embracing their own tastes and individuality We think of wall murals as art for your whole walls because they can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically.

Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to, or in lieu of traditional artwork media. Art Dallas vinyl murals are fully customize-able allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression

At Art Dallas, wall mural comes in every look you can think of, from classic, neutral or minimalistic to bohemian, bold and arty. Digital printing has enabled revolutionary changes, bringing mural up to date with exciting designs. Unlimited color palettes are available and there are no restrictions when it comes to pattern size, resulting in designs that are big and brilliantly vibrant.


Incorporate Antiques

The most dynamic, contemporary interiors are not confined to artwork of any singular look or period. Combining pieces that vary in period, shape, form ,color and culture and arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness and even some whit. We love the warmth, history and grandeur that antiques can bring. Art Dallas has a few pieces that will give your space the right amount of antique influence.

As a contrast to antiques, hang a modern piece of art. The harmonious pairing enhances the distinct characteristics of both pieces.