Pinks in Decor

It's official: pink is losing its gendered connotations; it evokes so many feelings that everyone can relate to, from joy to lust, making for the perfect mood-enhancing paint color. Pink has shape-shifted into a stronger, more complex version of itself. We are seeing designers developing more spaces with sophistication, power, and subtlety utilizing shades and tones of pink more than ever before. 

Interestingly, pink is the only primary color with its own moniker (it is technically pale red) but the psychological effects are much different to its passionate foundation shade. In a study carried out in the late 60's, it was noted that color affects muscle tone, and that staring at the particular shade, Baker-Miller pink, after exercise, lowered the heart rate, pulse and respiration more significantly than other colors. The color is both soothing and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for the living room or bedroom.

minimalist pastilles

2018 is ready to give way to a new minimalist palette. Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will totally reimagine design spaces this year. 

In art, pastels are a specific type of medium. They are colors with low saturation but not necessarily the light, delicate colors we think of as pastel colors. While many pastels are light, they do not have to be. Any color that has a lower saturation and a high value is considered a pastel. Subdued colors fall into the pastel category as well. 

Soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony.



Pink as a power color

When we said millennial pink has, "been taking over décor," We didn't know it would take such a powerful stance in the design space. Diverting from loud bubblegum pink, millennial pink is meant to make a statement. 

To make a room feel larger, light to mid-tone shades are the way to go. Rich, saturated colors such as grey or chocolate brown tend to make a room feel small and cozy and bring the walls inward. In addition to color, consider the framing finish. Glossy surfaces reflect light, and this helps to expand the space.



Sophisticated blush

Abstracts on canvas are a gorgeous large-scale way to warm up your space. The pink tones in these 75 by 50 originals on canvas draw the eye and warm the space. A blend of pastel and neutral hues is a charming touch to your already fabulous space.



New Canvas in the Art Dallas Gallery

It's that season again in the Art Dallas gallery when we explore artist collections and find the most beautiful works for your projects. We search through our favorite artists' collections to see what they are up to as well as blooming artists' new works. We find works that are on trend and classic. 

Our mission is to encourage and promote creative artistic expression both locally and throughout the world. We utilize the finest materials and designs to manufacture custom artwork and accessories in collaboration with the finest contemporary artists. 

The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring  oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. 'The Canvas Table' is our hot-spot for new works; it's always changing and we don't want you to miss out on all of the beautiful work! 

The Art Dallas  Gallery is an 8,000 square foot showroom in the Dallas Design District; it's an open space showcasing our extensive collection of original art and sculpture as well as our own Art Dallas products such as Flash, Antique Mirrors, and our aluminum, copper, and canvas prints and murals. Frame and mat samples are featured in an adjacent open space to facilitate framing design.





Happy Holidays 2016

Holiday Greetings from Art Dallas,

It’s hard to believe, but another great year is drawing to a close. As the holiday season approaches everyone at Art Dallas would like to take the time to thank our new and returning consumers. Art Dallas is grateful to share our love of art with the city of Dallas Texas as their complete art resource. It’s been a busy year, full of growth and change.

This year boasted much new advancement. Art Dallas purchased two new printers that will be up and running for the new year. With the new HP Latex, Art Dallas will be able to print on a wider range of wallpaper media, including coated, uncoated, and textile base. With the new flatbed printer we will be able to print twice as fast on  large works.  We are thrilled to update our print shop with the latest technology to continue making it artful! 

In 2017 Art Dallas has several trade show events scheduled. These events allow Art Dallas to bring custom hand crafted art and frames to the public in locations nationwide. If you have missed one of Art Dallas’s infamous trade show appearances you can always stop by the showroom and gallery at 2325 Valdina St. Dallas TX.

Art Dallas is growing our Artist catalog and our in office family as well this year. Art Dallas is proud to welcome Ray Ellerd (Graphic Design) and David Chadd (Art Installation) to our family. The family and friends that make Art Dallas unique include our master picture framers gilding closed-corner frames to the white glove delivery service, to the master project designer. With a cohesive structure haste is never taken when preparing custom work in the Art Dallas Warehouse.

So as we look forward to an exciting new year, The Art Dallas family thank you for your past support and wish you all a happy holiday season.


Art Dallas