Bringing the Comforts of Hospitality Home

Every traveler knows that unmistakable relief you feel stepping into a well-designed hotel. The sense of being an outsider in a foreign place fades, and the comfort of a welcoming lobby, cozy suite, or relaxing spa situates itself in your travel itinerary. 

As with hotels, durability and practicality is also important in artwork. Read more  for tips for bringing hotel sensibility home throughout the entire home.

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Focus on symmetry. It will bring familiarity and balance to the space. The goal is to make the sitting room as inviting as possible and emulate the hotel lobby experience. In a hotel, things are very cohesive and there are elements that are continued throughout.  A way to seamlessly integrate your artwork with your furniture is with framing. When framing a canvas or paper work take your furniture into consideration. What color is the coffee table or the legs on your gorgeous plush couch. symmetry is in the details.

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Photos from D Home 

Photos from D Home 


Think back to the hotel rooms where you got the best night sleep. The walls are always a deeper shade absorbing light. The same concept applies in symmetry as in contrast. When framing a work of art pay attention to the other decorative pieces in the room While artwork is a focal point, framing it to bold will create an overbearing feeling. Overwhelming artwork will definitely take  away from your beautifully contrasted hotel like space. 

Natural Elements

Calming art has been a major topic in the design community and especially on our blog. Creating a soothing feeling of home as well as a clean put together space is a hetty median to navigate. Bringing green and neutrals into a space does not always have to be natures natural elements. Green and blue tones bring that lush feeling into a space. 

We are pros in the hospitality industry and would love to help you bring the look home!