Brighten A Dark Room

If you're struggling with a space that doesn't get much natural light, don't think major renovations are your only option. A few simple art tricks can make your home much sunnier in minutes. 

Interior design is like a three-dimensional game of chess: you have to think about space both vertically and horizontally. In some cases, the space feels too small or large enough that  you have enough space to swing dance in the living room; you must break down these rooms and create spaces with scale. An expansive room needs different sized artwork. Creating separate spaces with large art panels is always a beautiful option. 

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 Introduce the power of color

When it comes to giving any room in your space a new look, a large color palette should be your muse. There are so many gorgeous hues, and when executed well, they elevate life in any space.  

Art Dallas Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to traditional artwork media. Our vinyl murals are fully customizable allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.


Add Metalllics

This style is the design addict’s must-have, understated for a room yet hyper-chic! Make them your statement pieces to bring life to your design. One of the most fun remodels for 2018 is a focus on art pieces toward rich metallic tones such as deep coppers, bronze, gold, and even crisp silver.


 Placement Matters

You love your art — but do you love it more than a healthy dose of Vitamin D? Save your large, dark artworks for rooms that aren't short on light. If you cover a wall with paintings or posters, they will absorb the little sunlight streaming into your space rather than reflect it.


Try Acrylics

While you don't want to go glossy on the walls because of the glare, reflective surfaces can play to your advantage when it comes to bouncing light. For a room with limited sunlight, opt for glimmering items like acrylic. 

Custom picture framing and art selection should be an exciting experience. Our ongoing mission is to stay on top of the latest trends in color and design so that we can give you the best advice possible.

Acrylics in an Art Dallas framer's hand can be used in several beautiful ways. As a framing option, acrylic makes a major statement while staying classic.


Hang Multiple Mirrors

Double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. Hang a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your room, or arrange an array of smaller mirrors to help brighten the space. Thanks to its captivating look, antique mirror shows how far updating the classics can take you.

These natural elements add major glamour to any room. The cultured and regal aesthetic of the vibrant precious metal that is layered on the Art Dallas antique mirror has proven to be timeless and enduring in its appeal. These works are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and appear luminous in the soft glow of diffused, natural light.