Black is Back

Despite it being literally everywhere, it turns out designers have an unexpected favorite color — and it's pretty much the exact opposite of pale millennial pink. Incorporating black into decor doesn't have to feel heavy-handed it all depends on where you use it. 



The Art Dallas frame shop is known for its selection of moldings, creative use of materials, and professional results.The frame shop has over 6,000 frames to choose from. Each design project whether large or small can be beautifully framed. 

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A moody color palette keeps the vibe contemporary. Dark artwork can set the tone, while subtle details like the framing and matting complete the look. This bloom is made bolder by its darker tones. 

images (1).jpg


Matting styles depend on two things personal preference and media your artwork is created with and on.  The mat serves multiple purposes, both aesthetically and functionally. It lends strength to the frame package, adding structure that allows the art to be protected from With the right matting and frame, the framing package can become a work of art in and of itself. Large matting is beautiful end of story! But there are several ways to create that beautiful large matted look and black is one of them! 



These are not your grandmothers mirrors. Antique mirrors take e form of artwork when they are hand made and custom framed.  Art Dallas Vintage Black is the lightest of the antique mirror glass finishes.  It has a soft cloudiness in medium to light grey.  This finish is best used when you want a feel of age without the mirror overwhelming the area.


All Black Everything 

Dark colors are the perfect hue to use when creating an accent wall in any room, especially the living space.  Art and framing are not the only way to go when deepening your tones Acrylic and Mural are also custom options created by Art Dallas! 

The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring both oil and acrylic on canvas and paper, photography, giclee, watercolor, collage, etchings, art boxes, and sculpture.  Subject and style vary greatly but the emphasis is on contemporary art such as Flash, Antique Mirror, and our aluminum, copper, and canvas prints and murals. Frame and mat samples are featured in an adjacent open space to facilitate framing design. We work with artists around the world and we would be glad to commission an original work!