Artwork that is defining your home goals

These works of art look into personal space. Artists with a knack for decor! These works feature a look into the lives and spaces  and the way they perceive their  spaces or  the ones they love. We are getting cozy with someone else's abode through these gorgeous works. 


This original 22 x 22 on paper looks into a relaxed living space. The blue and orange tones give warmth and ease to your mood as you enter in your space. Paired with a beautiful frame this piece will be a stunning addition to your open living space.  It makes us want to cuddle up and relax. 


This 20 x 20 original on paper is a look into a beautiful dining space.  Still life takes a new form when we look onto the simple garnish and bronze candle stick. The florals and food paired together will give a warm insight into your space. Don't you just want to reach in for a bite! 


This 32 x 23 original on paper is a look into a southwestern style garden looking outward. Feeling included in this beautiful lush painting makes us wish we could stay in this garden forever!  


This original 28 x 36 on paper is a look inward on a beautiful garden walk up. We feel a california vibe when we are looking onto this beautiful entrance.  


This 40 x 28 original on paper is a look into paradise. Cabana living is mostly for vacation but  this piece is a constant escape. 


Each of these works are available in the Art Dallas gallery. These works are ready to be matted , framed, and hung in your space.