Artwork worth celebrating

Because bare walls are no fun at a party, lets talk about the perfect artwork for entertaining. Decorating for an event means moving your artwork and dressing the room for company. Whether it is fresh florals over a grand frame for a statement work over a roaring fire place, Art Dallas has the perfect work to fill your celebration space.

One thing you will never catch a stylish space without is beautiful artwork. It's a necessary investment you can not skimp on. Whether it is a classic original Monett or a graphic design custom created for your space. It's not about the piece but the commitment to the art.


When it comes time to set the mood, a gloomy or uninspired space will quickly ruin the vibe. With a few easy tweaks, your large or intimate party space can also be a sexy fun reflection of who you are or your celebration theme.

In the Art Dallas gallery we explore artist collections and find the most beautiful works for your projects. We search through our favorite artists' collections to see what they are up to as well as blooming artists' new works. We find works that are on trend and classic. Our mission is to encourage and promote creative artistic expression both locally and throughout the world. We utilize the finest materials and designs to manufacture custom artwork and accessories in collaboration with the finest contemporary artists.  The Art Dallas Gallery has a large selection of original artwork featuring  oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. 'The Canvas Table' is our hot-spot for new works; it's always changing and we don't want you to miss out on all of the beautiful work! 

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When trying to decide whether to hang a mirror or a piece of art, the choice should always come down to the one that is most aesthetically appealing. But in many cases a mirror just works better. With a beautiful frame and decorative details, it is art.

Antique mirror gives the perfect flashback to a modern space. Mixed patterns and materials give a layered depth to the senses. Allowing you to turn inward while still experiencing its fine art feel.  

Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. Art Dallas Antique Mirror offers a range of applications from framed wall mirrors, walls, backslashes, furniture inserts - it's limited only by your design imagination.


Our homes are reflections of our crazy fun and busy lives! What we hang on the wall makes a statement about our personal style. Artwork gives life to a space. Weather you have more of a glitz and glam style or quiet and tame, Art Dallas has the perfect custom piece for your collection! 

Whether your a festive fanatic or a modest holiday homemaker, there's a perfect piece of artwork for every space. From elevated originals to dazzling prints, hanging a work of art is how to make a statement this season.

The Gallery is a showroom in the Dallas Design District. It showcases our extensive collection of original art and sculpture as well as our own Art Dallas products such as Flash, Antique Mirror, and our aluminum, copper, and canvas prints and murals.