Art Upgrades for your well loved works.

Every year, we set home goals for things we want to accomplish—things like putting the final touches on half-finished rooms. Finding the right artwork is always on that list. At any given time, most collections usually have a few pieces that Ione may like but not love, or one that’s the perfect size but not the right color palette for the room it’s in. And then there’s that final piece on the gallery wall that is still missing. But, this year, instead of trying to source new art, Look for ways to update the ones you already have.



Restoring work takes a talented hand but is well worth the result. Re working the peace to match a new color scheme or update the work to a more on trend fashion is a beautiful way to keep what you love but move into a work that better suites your style.

hourse hermez scarf.jpg


Sometimes old artwork just needs a fresh frame.If your art collection doesn't thrill you as it once did, refresh your pieces without letting them go (and going through the trouble of selling them). Display them using all gold — or silver, pink, purple, etc. — frames for an update that instantly changes the mood of the room.

Don't underestimate the power of a good trim. Framing a work of art or something treasured like the scarf and tapestry featured above is the perfect way to update a space while keeping those things that are precious to us.


Pop Of Color

Does your space lack focus? Give the eye a place to rest by investing in a piece of artwork that stands out in either color or shape. You don't have to grab your paint rollers or ready the wallpaper to revamp a space. 2018 is looking up — or at least the statement artwork trends are. Allowing your artwork to take up space is the perfect way to give a space a feeling of grandeur; talk about dramatic!

The introduction of art is a chance to infuse color and personality into a neutral palette; think large scale photography, paintings, or even mixed media. When it comes to statement pieces, go big or go home.



We all have old photography sitting around our homes or offices that we love but the piece its self is out dated. The Art Dallas Graphic Design Team is the perfect solution to making the well loved into something fresh and fun. We will scan the original and then work our artful magic to create something that fits any style.

Bring in fresh color and new graphics with some new Artwork! We love the bold statements surrounded by color. Playing with patterns and colors will be an unexpected, and eye-catching addition to your day-to-day seating areas.