Art Dallas Trade Shows

As we approach tradeshow season we love to look back on our past successful events. We feature services in an open format inviting each expo visitor in to see wall murals, original artwork, handcrafted sculptures, beautiful frames, and large-scale fine art prints with a variation of materials created in-house at Art Dallas Inc.


HD Expo 2019

HD 2019 was a focus in acrylics. Art Dallas has worked with Acrylics for the better part of 3 decades! Acrylics in a n Art Dallas framers hand can be used in several beautiful ways. As a Framing option Acrylic makes a major statement while staying classic. Printing on acrylic creates a new way to view a fine art print The colors come out incredibly vibrant and it makes of a truly unique piece. Displaying your precious items is a solution to shadowboxes where you may miss all sides of your treasures. 

Art Dallas’s new router came in handy with this custom project for HD expo show 2019. This year boasted much new advancement. Art Dallas purchased a large scale router. The router will allow your custom projects to be cut into unique shapes in house.  We are thrilled to update our work shop with the latest technology to continue making it artful! 


BDNY 2018

In 2018 Art Dallas had the pleasure of partnering with Moen to create a gorgeous floral garden party booth with lush features like Print on Acrylic, a custom digitally created collage standing DJ booth and a bathtub filled with hand painted bubbles!

Custom is one of Art Dallas’s favorite words! Design work has been a major focus for some of our recent large scale projects. Art Dallas Digital creators came together and created a gorgeous collage for the DJ booth at the roof top garden party this year at BDNY.

Art Dallas Inc Digital Creators have lead several development projects. The AD team is interested in creating a culture within each development. Our lifestyle branding skills come through in application while cultivating each client’s art vision. Fostering relationships has been Art Dallas's main priority. We make each and every project artful.  Bring in fresh color and new graphics with some new Artwork! We love the bold statements surrounded by color. Playing with patterns and colors will be an unexpected, and eye-catching addition to your day-to-day seating areas. 


HD Expo 2017

Art Dallas commissioned this graffiti wall, created by a Dallas artist well known for his graffiti work locally. The letters were routed out of wood to stand out from the rest of the booth. Customize, design, create; these are all things Art Dallas does in-house. Our mission is to encourage and promote creative artistic expression both locally and throughout the world. We utilize the finest materials and designs to manufacture custom artwork and accessories in collaboration with the finest contemporary artists.


BDNY 2017

Art Dallas Inc. invited you into a modern vision of Lewis Carroll's genius at BDNY 2017. We hosted the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party together with sponsors. This was of course be our contemporary take of Alice in Wonderland, with uber lux bespoke elements. We welcomed you into the Wonderland forest Where we showcased our custom antique mirror and art print on different surfaces through out the booth as well as original artwork created in house.

Art Dallas Created a custom antique mirror bar top with a major fairy tale feel/ The glass was printed with the lux wonderland pattern in house then hand antiqued with a range of custom mixed colors to give it the glam style for the booth!

Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. As the popularity of Antique Mirror grew, Art Dallas realized the market was being poorly served by an automated process from overseas - so we recovered a time proven organic chemistry process that produces custom hand crafted mirrors indistinguishable from vintage in appearance and priced less than inferior automated versions.