Art Dallas Antique Mirror

Art Dallas produces handcrafted Antique Mirror that captures the feel of real antiques. As the popularity of Antique Mirror grew, Art Dallas realized the market was being poorly served by an automated process from overseas - so we recovered a time proven orgo chem process that produces custom hand crafted mirrors indistinguishable from vintage in appearance and priced less than inferior automated versions.


  • Fully customizable (can be made lighter or darker)
  • Able to match finish to light switch covers and outlet covers
  • Thicknesses of:  1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and also 3/4" & 1" round table toppers
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • FedEx Ground shipping on most jobs
  • Better depth of finish and very unique look
  • Can be done on restoration glass and architectural glass
    & More....

Art Dallas Antique Mirror offers a range of applications from framed wall mirrors, walls, backslashes, furniture inserts - it's limited only by your design imagination. Here are a few of our favorites! 

Art Dallas Vintage Black is the lightest of the antique mirror glass finishes.  It has a soft cloudiness in medium to light greys.  This finish is best used when you want a feel of age without the mirror overwhelming the area.


Art Dallas Monet Antique is the perfect finish for the person that wants a lot of distressing with less visible mirror, the reflectivity is still there but it has a lot of aging over the area in the reflection.  This finish is available in thicknesses from 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and thicker depending on the application/ 


Art Dallas Bronze Beauty Antique is a beautiful combination of Golden and brown black foreground with a smokey background.  
This finish has recently been our most purchased finish due in most part to its ability to fit into any area and look great.  Great for harlequins, mirrored tile, cabinet door inserts and especially backsplashes and wall applications.


Art Dallas Haze Antique is similar to Bronze Beauty' but does not have browns in it.  There is rich and bold colorization of medium to heavy greys and a beautiful smokey background.  This is also a very popular finish and its applications are equal to Bronze Beauty as it fits into its surroundings effortlessly.


Our custom works range in beautiful colors. Each finish is custom and different from the  last.. Colors can be mixed and your style and creativity will come through in each mirrored pannell! 


There are no size restrictions! Contact us with your specs! 214 688 0244 or

So Glam! #makeitartful