Animal loving Artwork

You might love your pet, but do you love them enough to give them their own artwork? Sure, your fluffy pal is like family, but there is no need to sacrifice your style for the less-than-chic pet store décor. Here are some Art Dallas approved ways to give your furry friend the good life. 

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Wall Mural

Ambiance is key when making a serene space. Large scale artwork in the form of a mural is the perfect way to bring a chic element into a small space. Creating landscape gives the room depth without relying on individually framed works of art.

Vinyl murals provide a lasting and timeless look in addition to, or in-lieu-of traditional artwork media. Art Dallas vinyl murals are fully customize-able allowing for the client’s imagination to be fully developed into a lasting impression.

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Let the photoshoot begin! Go above and beyond your Instagram feed of fluffy friends to create a classic photography gallery wall of your pets. 

The black and white look is timeless, but more than that, it transcends reality and transforms an image into a realm that isn't abstraction, but isn't reality either. A black and white image deconstructs a scene and reduces it to its original forms and tones.

Art Dallas prints on paper are a cost efficient solution for providing beautiful artwork to your project. When framed, these paperworks create a fun flair to any style. Art Dallas provides a full range of picture frame moulding styles to choose from. Our fully customizable framing allows the client the flexibility to design concepts and develop sizes that fully integrate into their space.

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Original Art

Picasso-loving puppies are right up our ally. The introduction of art is a chance to infuse color and personality into a neutral palette. Think large-scale photography, paintings, or even mixed media. When it comes to statement pieces, go big or go home.

If you don't remember anything else, the artwork matters the most. Large originals can be a budget buster. If you are smart about styling your space with an original from an up-and-coming artist, your home will increase in value and add some major lux to your space. 

The Art Dallas Gallery is an 8,000 square foot showroom in the Dallas Design District. It's an open design scheme showcasing our exquisite collection of original art and sculptures as well as our own Art Dallas products.