Framing & Grouping Eclectic Art

What you love in your day to day often defines your style Your style is your own and collecting your life together to create an eclectic reflection of you is always beautiful.  We define eclectic design by some of these parameters. 

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  • Vintage pieces
  • Bright colors
  • Pieces from all different styles
  • Offbeat contemporary items
  • Mixed motifs
  • Generous accessories 

When Creating a space that is a reflection of multiple  focuses in your life we have a few recommendations to make the process easier. Art Dallas is always striving for a solution to your design concerns! 

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plan it out

When planning out an eclectic style space, it's easy to get caught up in which colors, textures, and patterns will bring the look together. However, don't forget about placement. When you arrange your layout, remember: Though eclectic style does involve combining styles and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn't lack focus. When sitting in the Art Dallas frame room the options are endless and focusing on your artwork and style becomes easy in the hands of an AD art consultant


It is quite daunting to be faced with an empty room and have to consider the colors and fabrics you'll use to decorate it, but utility is a great decorator. Consider large framing, Antique mirror and cool color pallets. These elements lend a cozy, liveable and workable atmosphere to your space. The nature of eclectic style is varied, but each room in your home should still complement the others. 

Go To Scheme

One color should serve as a unifying factor throughout your design. Whether your go-to color is an olive green or off-white, consistently return to it while decorating for a cohesive look. Easily Achieved with the over 6,000 framing and matting samples in the AD frame shop. 


Make it a goal to find balance in scale and symmetry. Don't sacrifice organization for diversity.  Styling eclectic rooms doesn't mean tossing every rule. Put a cap on the number of contrasting styles in one room to avoid things feeling random. Our art consultants can find specific artwork that will blend your collection specific to your style!

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Your artwork style should represent your or your businesses personality, brand and interests, after all its what will inspire you daily. This is why the, dated saying “need to have artwork that matches the couch” is over! Have fun with your style and your style is sure to be a beautiful eclectic reflection of you! 

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