3 Perfect Color Combinations We Want To See More

Black and white, purple and gold, gray and... just about everything; in the world of color palettes, there exists many safe, go-to combinations. Of course, those colors are all incredibly lovely and timeless, but what about giving something just a little different a try? For those moments when you're ready for a bit of a shade shift, consider one of these three powerful color pairings that we love.



You may already know that blue and orange are complementary colors, but a slight tweak in the shades (a little brighter, a little deeper) always creates a buzz for that interior space. 

Blues remind us of the sky and the sea, making them calm, tranquil and serene. deep blues also give a room a feeling of regal style. Mid-tones are ideal for creating a soothing environment because they invoke feelings of tranquility; these hues tend to be dramatic and energizing. 

Orange is an important color for many cultures; it symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. Expect to see a resurgence in a multicultural orange representing courage and bravery. This work's twist on a classic orange tone is a beautiful bright addition to the cool blue tones it possesses. 


Blue And Olive

These two hues might reside on the same side of the color wheel, but when paired together, they bring something entirely different to the table. The light-hearted baby blue color plays nicely with the deeply sophisticated olive green, revealing spaces that are fresh-feeling and lively.

Green and blue tones naturally recall health and wellbeing, and is a natural stress reliever. These colors resonate with nature, making it both calming and invigorating. Cool colors work well in most rooms within the home, and is a great statement color for the bedroom. Introduce green into the home with the use of plants and lush greenery which will further add to the innate serenity of the hue.


Grouped Neutrals

Our last color combo is a quiet focal point. With multiple muted shades in one space, you might think a struggle for center stage would ensue, but on the contrary, these hues attract equal attention when paired together. 

Neutrals such as beige, tan, or natural tones create a clean, airy backdrop for any design or color scheme. Green is often associated with cleanliness, innocence, and goodness. Because they are neutral, these colors can be calming and they make a room feel larger and airier. Bringing green and neutrals into a space does not always have to be nature's natural elements. Green and blue tones in artwork bring that lush feeling into a space.