2019 mid year trend report

The trend reports are in and his year things are looking very artful. Art and décor have taken major interest in the corporate world as well as unique trends in the hospitality and restaurant venues. As expected there is so much to love and gather major inspiration.

Your artwork style should represent your or your businesses personality, brand and interests, after all its what will inspire you daily. Have fun with your style and your style is sure to be a beautiful eclectic reflection of you! Our spaces are reflections of our crazy fun and busy lives! What we hang on the wall makes a statement about our personal style. Artwork gives life to a space. Weather you have more of a glitz and glam style or quiet and tame, Art Dallas has the perfect custom piece for your collection! 


Rustic Chic 

There is something about rustic décor that makes a space feel cozy! Incorporating the right artwork can make even the most urban space look like its tucked away in a tiny French village.  The style is categorized by moldings and earth tones. 

The most dynamic, contemporary interiors are not confined to artwork of any singular look or period. Combining pieces that vary in period, shape, form ,color and culture  and arranging them harmoniously creates interest, timelessness and even some whit. We love the warmth, history and grandeur that antiques can bring.


Modern Bohemian 

Day or night, rain or shine stylish artwork is essential to completing your stylish design. This mirror is not only oversized to majorly reflect light and brighten the room but it is also artwork in its won right with a gorgeous gold frame.

Double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. Hang a large mirror directly across from the largest window in your room, or arrange an array of smaller mirrors to help brighten the space. Thanks to its captivating look, antique mirror shows how far updating the classics can take you.


Classic Elegance

The effect of mirror is calming, unifying, and maybe just a little unexpected. Image from the Art Dallas Collection. Walls enclosing beautiful spaces come in many different textures and finishes but creating an artful and elegant feel starts with a mirrored wall

Art over mirror or should we say Art over Art. This wall is one large multifaceted work of art! This eye catching installation is a simple solution to creating a focal point with artwork. Art Dallas art consultant's  ability to transform hospitality, corporate, and healthcare interiors by layering color, shape and texture has earned the respect of elite clientele.


Desert / landscape

An overwhelming trend for décor in 2018 appears to be creating tech-free sanctuaries, where you actually find a little relief in unplugging and actually relaxing.  Creating a focal point that is a lush forest or gorgeous mountain scape is a wonderful way to create a escape within your space. Evoking that serene feeling is tough to do in a crowded office or restaurant but when your guests catch a glimpse of serenity it calms the mood and centers the room.

More than 4 million searches for “turquoise,” 138k searches for “desert,” and 83k searches for “sunset” on Etsy over the last three months, confirm that desert-inspired décor is worthy of attention. Look out for earth tones, natural textiles, and an abundance of vibrant turquoise hues.