Large Matting

So Chic! Art Dallas can help you create a different look by having an organizing principle like size or frame color. These framing options all have large white mats, which tend to make everything look gallery-worthy! 

The mat serves multiple purposes, both aesthetically and functionally. It lends strength to the frame package, adding structure that allows the art to be protected from

With the right matting and frame, the framing package can become a work of art in and of itself. Large matting is beautiful end of story! But there are several ways to create that beautiful large matted look! 


Chubby Matting

Bonus style points if you're utilizing small space. Stacked oversized art hung on a dark wall has the most impact — even more than a salon-style grouping. The drama of a deep wall color draws the eye. This works especially well with artwork with a large white mat and a slim black frame.

Photo   From

Photo From

Tiny Art Big Matting

Talk about dramatic! Here a wall papered wall highlights a small photograph framed with an oversized white mat. This is a young adult's room, so the black and white color is a sophisticated yet super chic choice.


Dropped Matting

These frames have that metallic flair but if that wasn't enough to make the artwork stand out the dropped matting creates a statement gallery of these works. 


Stacked MAtting 

Layering is always in season for framing! Creating dept for your artwork is the perfect way to bring intacricy to your piece. Stacking your mat is also another way to create more draw to your artwork making it the focal point inside the frame.