Display with Acrylic

Art Dallas has worked with Acrylics for the better part of 3 decades! Acrylics in a n art dallas framers hand can be used in several beautiful ways. As a Framing option Acrylic makes a major statement while staying classic. Printing on acrylic creates a new way to view a fine art print The colors come out incredibly vibrant and it makes of a truly unique piece. Displaying your precious items is a solution to shadowboxes where you may miss all sides of your treasures. 

Acrylic Framing

Photo   From Ellle.com

Photo From Ellle.com

Art Dallas can create a custom acrylic mount for your artwork in house! Placing a piece of artwork between two custom cut and smoothed pieces of acrylic is a fun framing option for a modern twist on displaying photography or fine art prints! Sandwiching the piece not only protects from damage that a matted frame with no plexi barrier would not provide it is an option for artwork of any size! 

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A contemporary twist on historical images from "Two Rivers, Two Lands: An American Passage" - these three dimensional pieces are 86"x48" photo collages printed by Art Dallas on brushed aluminum for the black and white photography, acrylic for the color; and mounted together with double stand offs for a lobby display.  This piece was winner of an Adex Design Journal Award for Design Excellence.

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Acrylic Cases


Encasing a piece of artwork or sports paraphernalia is a project that must be custom! Making a case for a specific size makes all the difference in the appearance of the object displayed. Custom Plexiglas box frames create a unique display. Sometimes, you may want to see all sides of your football jersey with those team signatures just about everywhere or, the 3 dimensional aspect of your antique doll. An acrylic Plexiglas box, which allows visibility on 3 sides or 4, can provide that special look. 

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