Tips for a 2016 Refresh

Here are some of the best ways to decorate your home:


Use A Mirror To Add Space - Properly placing some mirrors in your home can add an interesting and purposeful design element to your home. It can make your home feel bigger, provide more light, and just look so darn good. Here is a great place to start looking at mirror - A guide to mirrors

Hanging Artwork - There are many ways to hang art or photos in your home. You can hang photos in a grid or you can create a gallery wall. One of the best things you can do to personalize your home is to print photos you've taken and put them all in matching frames to hang in a grid on your wall. Tip: Always make sure you're using a professional to hang your art. We trust this team! - DFW Art Installation


Mix Up Your Lighting - One of the biggest mistakes people make is only using harsh, overhead lighting for all their rooms. Every room in your home should have a mix of lighting such as lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting, and task lighting. This will give you flexibility to set the right mood for any situation. 

Add Some Life - Adding some plants and flowers in your home help incorporate aspects of nature inside, which can have a very positive and calming effect. Also, using fragrant flowers are a good alternative to using chemical air fresheners and candles. These is no wrong way to do floral and artwork is the perfect place to give life to your space. Here is a fantastic style guide - Your Style Guide to Your Artwork

Don't Be Afraid Of Color: Many people are hesitant to paint their walls an interesting color or choose furniture that are toned down and neutral. Well, it's time to be more brave. Go ahead and explore different color options. Try using vinyl wall on a single wall in your home to create a feature wall. Or purchase a brightly upholstered chair in your living room to accompany your solid color sofa. Adding bright dabs of color around your home is going to make it much more vibrant and lively! Here is a good place to start - Cure your blues with vibrant hues

Forget Old Decorating Rules - Live life on the edge! Which old decorating rule are you still following? Here's a list of Design styles that are out dated! - Design Style that is so done