6 Ways to Display Art.

Art Dallas has been the resource for many different styles and themes of design! Here are a few beautiful way Art Dallas framing and artwork has been styled in the past. 

Create A View

No window? No problem. In this living room, a seascape gallery wrapped canvas print provides the makeshift scenery and sets the tone for the remaining palette of golds, blues, and greens. A  large printed photo can be the view you have always wanted. Evoking emotion is part of an art dallas print art package. 


Forget The Formal Grid 

For a looser, salon-style arrangement that feels collected, start at the center and move outward. To keep the display from feeling haphazard, pick an overarching theme or mat color! We love the thin mat look! The cohesive black framing lets each piece of artwork stand out. 


Fill In The Blanks 

Use art to play with scale. For instance, these Chippendale chairs felt a little squatty when placed alongside this massive antique hutch, so we filled in some of the negative space beautifully framed with canvas oil portraits. The muted colors complement the furniture as opposed to competing with it and the artwork makes for a more eye-pleasing vignette.


Stack Vertically 

Ideal for tight areas, such as between windows or a corner wall, a vertical arrangement elongates a narrow space. "For a playful twist, we paired opposite colors form the color wheel making the artwork really pop!d We can say this small bathroom was made beautiful by framing and artwork!


Go Big

One oversize piece like this 45" x 72" Art Dallas acrylic print makes a towering statement in a bedroom. Plus, a single showstopper can often be more economical than piecing together an entire gallery wall. We love the thought of waking up to beautiful artwork in a big way. 


Dont Over Think It

Beauty in in the eye of the beholder! Art Dallas can make your space easily beautiful with artwork, framing. mirrors and more! 

Especially when working with a textured backdrop. Here, a simple photograph with oversized matting that doesn't fight with the more textured background. Simple graphic pieces also tend to work well against busier wallpaper patterns.