Chic ways Art Dallas decorates with maps!

Your space is an expression of you or your business. If abstract art is not your style Art Dallas has a solution. Maps unite every type of individual, from those who love to travel to those who miss home. Decor should evoke emotion and maps are the perfect glance into where you have been and where you will go next! 


Maps floor to ceiling

Choosing maps with the same color scheme and framing them in matching sleek black frames creates a grand feeling to an otherwise empty wall. The art dallas Frame shop has over 6,000 frames to choose from so the design possibilities  are unlimited. Creating a frame corner is a chic alternative to a large work of art.  

Use a map as the focal point

This map has a focus on the center of the wall. Finding a space that is comfortable for the eyes to rest in a beautiful space is tough. Framing a work allows a multi purpose piece of artwork making your guests feel at home as soon as the walk in the door and focus on your map! 


Vinyl Map Wall 

Vinyl creates a fun space! This style takes looking at things from the big picture literally. The bigger the better when it comes to maps its easier to plan a get away! Art Dallas started large format printing in 1995 - refining the hardware, software, media and inks for its digital printing process. We can provide creative design solutions ranging from prints on traditional papers, canvas, murals and wallpaper, as well as alternatives such as aluminum, acrylic, wood and more.

Break it up

Breaking a small image up to create a larger work is the perfect use of a map! Whether the map is local or spanning the globe art dallas has an archive of different regions to make your destination more personal.  This is the perfect way to give glam to a small spot in your space! 

Let's Go Places with artwork!