Art during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

This week the queen of england surpassed the previous longest reigning royal with a 63 years in reign of England.

We wondered what types of artwork she must have seen progress through five decades and world events.  In honor of the Queen of england's long lived reign we have gathered artists from her early crowned years to  present day! Enjoy! 



The 1950's - The era of Pop Art!  British Artist started using their Artwork as advertisements and propaganda.Artists like Jackson Pollock created signature pieces.Towards the end of the 1950s former European colonies fought for independence. Artistically, this period has typically been viewed as an incubating period between the pre-war avant-garde movements and such breakthrough movements as Abstract Expressionism.



The 1960's - The era of New Realism!, Minimalism made an appearance in art and Artists like Andy Warhol made big debuts .The creation and reception of both Land Art and Feminist Art were indebted to the hippie movement and student protests of the late 1960s.


The 1970's - The era of New subjectivity. Graffiti Artwork marked its territory. Artists like Joe Tucker got their start The 1970s also laid the groundwork for explorations into the mediated image, especially with Photorealism, an offshoot of Pop Art that birthed the Pictures Generation, pushing further away from a brush-and-canvas-centered art history.


The 1980's - The era of Postmodernism. Environmental Art came into the scene. Artist became more diverse. Artists like Keith Haring The 1980s was a decade of meteoric growth, both for the global economic system and for the art world that swung in its orbit. Drugs, MTV, the personal computer, the collapse of state-sponsored socialism: these were heady times for the neoliberal regimes installed in Deng Xiaoping’s China, Margaret Thatcher’s Great Britain, and Ronald Reagan’s United States.


The 1990's-  In 1987 and a severe recession in the early '90s. As a result, at the beginning of the decade, artists tended to look more outside the art world for their subject matter, which ranged from current issues such as the AIDS crisis, gun control, and homelessness to often-charged explorations of class, race, gender and sexual identity.Ben Shneiderman


The Millennium - Over the past decade, art has taken an incredible variety of forms. One particular tendency of the present moment involves co-opting the public sphere (both analogue and digital) as a venue for artistic interventions, which has blurred the distinctions between artist, curator, and activist.Hannah Knox

Long live the queen!