Tips to rock a dark frame this fall

Autumn is all about warm color palette, mixed media and dark  framing. Channel your inner ’90s grunge as we creep into a season filled with pumpkin flavors, falling leaves and Hocus Pocus marathons.

If you really want to get into the fall spirit, it may be time to change up your space a bit. Summer is known for beautiful bohemian style, and autumn is like it’s cool brunette sister who wears leather jackets and comfy combat boots.

Try out a brown framing option in your space this October with these four simple tips to keep your fall style looking sleek and tasteful.

1. Pick the right color.

Consider the tones in your decor and choose the shade of frame based on what works best for you. For example, if you’re working with a pale palette, you may want to stray away from blacks and dark browns and aim for something a little more chestnut.

Brown isn’t your only autumn-worthy option either. You can dip into reds and dark woods to get the same kind of sweater weather vibe.


2. Keep with the theme.

One word: warmth. No one will argue that it’s a pain to keep up with your style season to season, but it’s necessary to ensure your style remains steady in your space. Stylists advise a change in decor for each of the four seasons. 

3. Use a frame safe cleanser.

The many horrors of fading style leans me to fading framing. My next point: always use a framing safe cleanser and (if wood) conditioner. Ammonia has no place near artwork in general but more importantly, No place cleaning your framing. Putting harsh chemicals on your frame will strip the color and cause you to waste way more money at the gallery than necessary.


4. Don’t be afraid of colorful matting.

Some people may not be a fan of dark framing, and that’s totally fine! If you want to try a deep framing color  for fall, keep it light and fun with brighter matting mixed in. You can even try a printed matte if you’re feeling courageous and you trust your interior designer  to do it right.

Dark doesn’t always mean a full leaded- experiment and let us know how it turns out!