Cure your blues with some vibrant hues

Bring some color to your space

The colors that surround us influence our moods and perceptions in the most powerful way. Colors and their placement can make us feel comfortable—or disconnected.

To create a sense of continuity and harmony throughout your space, you need good color flow: a balanced color scheme that seamlessly connects one space to the next.

Tips to Bring Color into Your Space

·          An easy way to create color flow is to use lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout your space. Consider how you'd like to see these colors transition through artwork. 

·          Create continuity by selecting hues with similar undertones. If you love reds with blue undertones, look for other colors with blue undertones.

·          Look to existing furnishings for color inspiration. Pick up colors from fabrics, accessories, and use them in different rooms throughout your space

Photos from the Trinity West Fine Art Gallery 

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