Fusion Is in!

Your artwork style should represent your personality and interests above all else. This is why the, dated saying “need to have artwork that matches the couch” is over! Get a bold, dramatic look and feel with a combination of retro styles, modern comforts, and versatile designs that range from industrial and ethnic to modern and natural. Have fun with your style and your style is sure to be fun! Here are a few ways to mix it up! 


Quiet corner with a bold accent 

A oasis in your space is always necessary. Making it beautiful is just the benefit of being stylish.  Casually leaned artwork makes this reading nook look effortless.  


An unexpected mix

Minimalist  and cozy but with an edge. This color pop makes the space brighter. The shape of the frames fit the flair of the room while the color makes a cool statement. 


Traditional with a twist 

Blending a classic frame with modern artwork creates a unique look. Adding a splash of color to the rounded features of the frame and room surrounding makes the artwork pop and become a beautiful focal point for the room. 



Scene change

This golden room is made bolder by a vivid cityscape.  When you dine in, it feels like a night out with big artwork! Large artwork makes a small space feel larger. 


Surprising Color Combos

Bringing warm artwork into a cool toned space is a great way to catch an eye off guard.  Walking into a room with a pop of  color is a great way to brighten any mood. 

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