Hanging Artwork is an Art!

There is more to hanging artwork than assumed. So many measurements and steadying of hands. It takes true professionals.

Hanging art is a team oriented job. You need someone who can stand back and be your eyes. If you're not looking to make an exact grid, the arrangement looks more organic when it's just eyeballed. If you do want very exact measurements, your team will grab a tape measure, a pencil, and a level.

Hanging art at eye level is the average. You'll want the center of the piece to be about 5 feet up on the wall. This doesn't hold true for every situation, but if you're hanging a painting over a couch or side table, make sure it's centered both vertically and horizontally.

If you're looking to hang a pricey, heavy piece, it's worth it to call a professional.

AD Installation is the premiere art installation group in Dallas. With corporate installs and private installs under its tool belt AD Installation is THE go to for a white glove art installation group, 

To top it off AD installation is a full service branch, with services like  crating, shipping, delivery and installation.

Crating & Shipping

AD Installation is a unique business that offers expert wall art hanging, picture hanging, mirror hanging, wall decor installation, and painting installation services.


The AD Installation team specializes in the professional picture hanging, placement and installation of artwork.


The AD Installation’s expertise, you will be able to maximize the ambiance of any room through careful art placement and organization.


Whether your order consists of several pieces or several hundred, each piece is carefully packed for safe shipment, usually in custom crates designed and built at Art Dallas.