Art Dallas went to Vegas!

Art Dallas Went 

to HD Expo 2015 in  Vegas!

The HD Expo booth featuring Art Dallas artwork was an open format inviting each expo visitor in to see Antique mirrors displayed on the bottom right side (facing the booth) and above that some original Art Dallas Artist Artwork! Working their way left visitors viewed a custom mirror in an original art dallas close corner frame. Following left A large scale Art Dallas Print. and more AD antique mirrors. The far left corner consists of several art dallas original pieces and frames!  

The Art Dallas both was booming all three days of the event in Vegas. We are so thankful to be able to connect with industry professionals at the HD Expo 2015 in Vegas  Nevada. We opened the booth friday afternoon and viewers could see Original Artwork, Handcrafted mirrors, Close corner frames, and Large scale artwork!

If you are interested in any of the work here please contact art dallas at or give us a call at 214- 688-0244 

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